Belly Top & Hot Pants & Knee High’s


This outfit is one I wore a year ago when I was happier with my body. I don’t fit in those shorts… at the moment. Not surprising *nom nom nom* I will fit into size 10 again, as it suits me & I am comfy that way. I feel a tiny bit too chubby for my comfort right now.

I love the look of belly tops with hot pants & knee high socks. Paired with runners I think it is similar to Rita Ora/Rihanna. Clothing I wore all the time when I was 16/17.I took a break from them, when I was suffering from an eating disorder & couldn’t see myself clearly & covered up. Even though I was a size 4? I thought I was huge, in my mind. I was confused by my self-image.  In this photo I am a 10 && was much happier with my body like this than ever as a size 4. 

So what I am saying is, from my experience? I was a happier person being the size I am suppose to be, not as what I thought was ‘normal’ or ‘fashionable’ to be. Be Yourself.

Belly Top – €3 Penny’s

Shorts – €11 Penny’s

Socks – €2 Penny’s

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Prawn Risotto.

prawnrisotto.jpgI went out for dinner with my Roommates to celebrating Connected having its first week on the Tele. Yay!

We went to Ristorante Uno in Tralee. Which is a great restaurant with cheaper menu’s on Tuesday & Thursday. The night we went? Everything was half price. Which is fantastic. Italian cuisine is what appears most on the menu, but they do a variety. 

I have never eaten a Risotto out at a restaurant, so I thought why not, I’ll try the fish one. It was delicious! The prawns were fresh & chewy. The risotto is covered in a creamy sauce with onions & vegetables. There is a bowl of Parmesan on the table if you fancy it too. I always do!

€6.50 for a filling tasty meal. A restaurant in Trlaee I do like to go to every now & then.

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Tuesday. 30th September.

Bowl of Crunchy Nut.

6 Cream Crackers with Cheese.

Pain au Raisin.

Stuffed Pork/Croquettes/Potato Gratin.

Marvellous Creations bar. Bowl of Popcorn.

Bowl of Crunchy Nut. 


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Monday. 29th September.

Crunchy Nut. Apple.

Pain au Raisin. 

4 Rich Tea Biscuits.

Activia Yougurt.

Steak Curry/Veg/Rice.

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Sunday. 28th September.

Pecan Plait Danish.

Jumbo Breakfast Roll. Curly Wurly.

€1.60 worth of jellies. 


Chococlate Feast Ice Cream.

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My Dad’s Checked shirt & Some Short Shorts


I wanted to wear something comfortable on a night out. Which is something I do quite a lot. I only wear a really ‘girly‘ dress or something that ‘show’s off my body‘ if I am having a “good body” day. They are rare… I wish they weren’t! 

I through on my dad’s shirt. Baggy but funky at the same time. I matched it with short shorts and a pair of funky black tights && bright blue runners. The baggy shirt makes it boyish & the fact that all my legs are on show adds the femininity factor. (and just a reminder that I am not a boy).

When I wear my “boyish” clothes on a night out? I always match it with really funky hair and/or make up so that, that is what stands out.

That tends to be my hair all tied up & back combed with a extreme short fringe, or down & as poofy/crimped as possible. Regarding make up? It tends to be red lips && eyelashes with that famous liquid eyeliner flick.!

Homemade Lasagne && Chips

BeFunky_20140927_164800_resized.jpg“When’s your Dolmio day”?

Who doesn’t love a homemade lasagna? I went for a visit to my boyfriends home in Offaly & his family made us a yummy homemade meal. He used wholemeal pasta sheets to make it that bit healthier. Seeing as it is lathered in cream/tomato sauce & cheese? It it needs that healthy change. 

It is one of those meals that makes me do a *happy dance*. We had some chips on the side to wipe up all the sauce that leaks out the side. A messy meal. But a very filling & satisfying one. Homemade Lasagna’s always kick frozen ones up the arse!

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Pain au Raisin


I think everyone knows I love pastries. I definitely love a good aul ‘Pain au Raisin‘. Fresh from the bakery in the morning. *drools*

I love them. Love. It is wrong I have such strong feelings for pastries. Dunnes is my go too place for the best fresh ones! I would eat one everyday if I could. 

Well..I tend too to be honest. 

Cup of tea && a lovely pastry. Dacent.

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Saturday. 27th September.

Pain au Raisin Danish.

50.c Jellies

Homemade Lasagna & Chips.

Lucozade & Juice galore. 

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Friday. 26th September.

Pain au Raisin.

Apple, Cheese Toastie, 4 cream crackers.

Leftover Prawn Risotto & Cheesey Beef Noodles. 

€2 worth of jellies…

Cereal & Brunch Ice Cream.


Oooops. So unhealthy.

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