Ham & Cheese Toastie on …. Weird Bread & Salad.


I was up in Dublin to meet up with the producers of Connected.

She brought me out for lunch & this is what I ordered. A Irish favourite, ham & cheese Toastie. With a side salad. (the salad’s not a favorite)

I got a delicious salad on the side, cherry tomatoes/pumpkin seeds/lettuce & a amazing dressing that I wish I knew what it was. It was the nicest salad ever. I would eat it every day & be super slim if I could. But

Falaffel Burger & Chips


I went to ‘The Ross Hotel” in Killarney for lunch with my family. I always love a falaffel burger, && this place certainly does the best ones! I love everything about this dish.

Falaffel burgers taste kinda like a curry, in a burger…that sounds bad, but believe me, tis lovely with some garlic mayo.  Like a veggie burger. The chips are like yummy fluffly ones all crispy on the outside but fluffy. You will be fuly satisfied with this one!

Take Away Pizza


I love getting take away pizza…Every now & then only. As I rarely order in. I used to have a weekly Four Star date but that stopped! I got this pizza from Zingy Zest in Tralee town with my boyfriend late after a night out. He payed & so he got the topping choices of course. Mushroom, Peppers & Chicken. Two Slices of this pizza actually is filling enough. I would have gotten Pepperoni! €10 && all for a large. Mad Dacent.

Pecan Plait


A Maple syrup filling in a Danish pastry, topped with Pecan nuts in a plait shape. Pastries are always going to be a favorite breakfast choice of mine. I tend to only get them if I am out & about though. Breakfast usually tends to be Special K or Bran Flakes at home. These are my treat breakfasts, which I freaking love, there very sweet, but thats why I like them. One of my top 3 favourite pastries. Along with Chocolate Crossaints & Raisin Danish Swirls.

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Tuesday. 16th September.

Actimel & Grapes & Bluberries.

Gluten Free Fruit Scone.

Dairy Milk. 2 Mini Muffins. 4 more squares of Chocolate.

Cheesey Beef Noodles & Toastie.

Choc n’ball Cornetto.


Monday. 15th September.

Special K & Actimel.

Walkers Crispts/Cheese Toastie/bowl of grapes.

Stuffed Chicken breast wrapped in bacon & Potato Croquettes.

Dairy Milk.

Sunday. 14th September.

Special K & a Queen Cake.

Raisin Danish.

Bowl of Grapes.

Queen cake & Toasted Cheese Sandwich & an apple.

2/4 Tub of Pringles…again. Nope, I never learn.


Saturday. 13th September.

Actimel & Special K & Apple

16 Ryvetta Chilli Crackers (nearly died of heartburn after this, plonker)

Chunky Fish Soup (Prawns/Cod/Salmon)

Golden Crisp Bar

Friday. 12th September.

2 Mini Pastries. Bran Flakes. Rasher.
3 Mini Pastries. Apple.
3/4 Tub of Pringles. €1 worth of Jellies. (binge)
Small Bowl Of Grapes.

#jesuschrist I need to start eating better. Seeing this? Embarrassing.

Thursday. 11th September.

Fruit & Fiber & 2 mini Pastries.

Pulled Pork, Some potato & Coleslaw & Salad.

Packet of Peanut M& M’s. Few Jellies.

More Pulled Pork & Potato.

Chips from Eddie Rockets.


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