Pancakes With Golden Syrup

Pancakes <3

Pancakes <3

Whenever I have pancakes they tend to be made from scratch at home. Eggs, Milk, Flour, BOOM!

I was out with friends & I saw pancakes on the menu! I have an extreme sweet tooth. So I thought why not?! Thin pancakes. I usually like the big thick pan’cakes’ in fairness. These were good!

I usually put lemon & sugar but this place mainly gives you syrup as a side so I went with it. I poured the syrup over the 3 pancakes and they were fab. I loved it! I will get it again! You can also get bacon as a side, I find that a bit odd of a mixture myself for my taste buds but…I will try it!

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Turkey & Ham Dinner

turkeydinner.jpgI went out for my uncle’s birthday. I ordered Turkey && Ham. A general “Christmas Dinner” eh. It was mahoosive. I got 5/6 big slices of Turkey & Ham, mash potato, (a favorite of mine) stuffing, mushrooms, onions, carrots & gravy. Oh && chips! I brought home 2 slices of meat in a doggy bag as I literally couldn’t eat anymore.

It was great value. €10.50 in O’Donnells in Tralee. How can you go wrong with paying that for food that keeps you full for the whole day? You can’t! It was my uncles treat. It was lovely & warm on a cold afternoon. I love roast dinners. I believe they are the most traditional Irish meals. Yet the best. My favorite is roast lamb with Roast Potatoes. Its like heaven!



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Clusters cereal & Strawberry Yogurt & OJ

cerealA fresh start to start the morning is a nice breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. My favorite breakfast is cereal. I love cereal. More so on the warm sunny days, which are rare until the summer days. Ice Cold milk & cereal is perfection.

One of my favorite cereals is Nestle Clusters cereal. It is refreshing with the Bran Flakes but the Clusters add the sweetest taste to it. It is crunchy & refreshing and is nice & filling. If I’m still a bit hungry, I usually add toast, but I was out of bread so a diet Strawberry yogurt had to do.I don’t have diet yogurt because it is low in fat etc, this is just a plus with this yogurt! I just generally love these yogurts, try them! Irish Yogurts : Diet Strawberry.


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Sunday. 29th February.

2 Slices of Peanut Butter & Jam Toast.

Bowl of Grapes. Glass of Orange Juice. 


Roast Ham & Turkey, Mash, Mushrooms, Chips & Gravy.

Subway Cookie. 4 Mini Coffee Biscuits & Spoonful of Cheesecake.

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Saturday. 28th February.

Hot Chocolate W/Marshmallows.

Cheese Toastie & Bag of Tayto’s.

Snickers & a Freddo.

Popcorn & Some Bacon Fries.

Bowl of Grapes.

Today is the last day I treat my body like a junk food bin. Why?

I want too feel healthier, treat myself better, go after my goals, and I want to be motivated and how can this sugary/junk food make me feel any bit motivated?

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Friday. 27th February.

Fruit Scone.

Pancakes & Golden Syrup.

Portion Of Chips W/Pink Sauce.

2 Slices of Apple Pie.

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy Chocolate Bar.

Mini Crunchie Bar. Can of Club Orange.

€1 worth Of Bon Bons.

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Thursday. 26th February.

Granola Bar.

Ham & Cheese Sammich. Banana.


Bowl of Grapes.

Burrito. Some Doritos.

Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar.

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Wednesday. 35th February.

Grapes & Yogurt.

4 Bourbaun Biscuits.

Chicken Roll W/Mayo & Lettuce.

Cheesy Curry Noodles.

9 Squares of big Chocolate Bar.

Portion of Pringles. (hot & spicy)

(today was a tough day for my mental health and I tried to cheer myself up by eating all the foods I enjoy, but ended up feeling rather bloated, oopsies)


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Tuesday. 24th February.

Chocolate Croissant. Actimel.

Grapes & Yogurt. Granola Bar. Choocolate Milk.

Lasagna & Garlic Bread.

Rolos & €1 worth of Jellies.

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Monday. 23rd February.

Grapes & Yogurt.

Granola Bar. Banana. Spoon of Peanut Butter.

Meat & Veg Lasagna.

Freddo Bar. A LOT of Doritos. 1/2 Share Bag.

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