Wednesday. 17th December.

Roast Chicken Dinner/Mash/Veg/Gravy.

Apple Pie Tart & Ice Cream.

Squashies. Pringles. Freddo.


Tuesday. 16th December.

2 Slices of White Bread Toast. 

Spaghetti Bolognese.

8 Roses.

Portion of Pringles. Squashies.


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Monday. 15th December.

Chicken & Ham Sandwich. 2 Rich Tea Biscuits.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

Too many Sweet Chilli Crisps. Half a Share Bag.

Freddo Bar. Wham Bar.

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Sunday. 14th December.

Cheese Toastie. Pear.

4 Chocolate Roses. 

A Freddo Bar & A chomp.

Cheese Toastie.

Packet of Fruit Pastilles. Hot Chocolate.

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Saturday. 13th December.

Apple. Pear. Cereal Bar.

Sausages. Scrambled Eggs. Wedges. (random..I know)

Iced Queen Cake.

Slice of 4 Star Pizza.

€1 worth of Jellies.

Bar of Dairy Milk. 

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Friday. 12th December.

Bran Flakes. Apple.

NAKD fruit bar. Bag of Crisps.

Big bowl of Tomato & Basil soup with Croutons. 4 Cheesey Crackers.

70.cent worth of Jellies. 


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Thursday. 11th October.

Bran Flakes.

Iced Queen Cake. Smarties.

Roast Chicken dinner/Mash/Veg/Gravy.

Pringles and bag of jellies.

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Wednesday. 10th December.

Big Bowl of Bran Flakes.

NAKD fruit bar. 6 Crackers and Cheese. Apple.

Sausages & Spaghetti.

Like 2 portions of Prawn Crackers (housemates left overs)

3 Kinder Bars. 3 Handfull’s of Chocolate Raisins.

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