Sound Interpretation Soundscape

My classmates & I were asked to tell the story of the picture below through sound.

When you look at it what do you see and more importantly what do you hear?

I told the story through audio and soundscaping of someone who is constantly on their phone, fed up of hearing the phone buzzing, beeping, and vibrating, and eventually they just take time away from their phone and go outside to take time to themselves and sit outside like the person in the picture.

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Taking Part In Darkness Into Light | 2016

I took part in Darkness Into Light 2016 with 3 of my good friends. It was a really fun && inspirational morning. Darkness Into Light is an event, where people get together in the very early hours of the morning when it’s dark, and walk into the morning light together. The idea is so people can see the light together. Darnkess into light was there to help raise funds for Pieta House, whom provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. There is a charitable donation included to take part in the event and the money goes towards Pieta House.

Why did I take part? I guess I wanted to take part with my friends to help raise more awareness about the service that is there for people. To let people know Pieta House is there for you if you need someone to talk too, if you need help. The more people that took part in the walk? The more people sharing about the walk in company and online? They spread the word about this service, by letting people know that is available.

I think that having more people spread the word about the services? There may hopefully be a higher chance that the numbers of suicides may lessen. That’s the Hope!

I took part in a short interview with Irish TV about the event and the video is below if you would like to watch. I feel I may have fumbled over my words a small bit, but I hope to speak more about my personal experience of losing someone to suicide and going through my own troubles in the past, in the future in a YouTube video. But for now I am truly happy and I am just living my life as is. The video’s will come in time.

Click Here for more information on Pieta House.

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MY 5 FAVOURITE | Red Hot Chili Peppers Song’s

Below are my 5 Favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs in Order. I think. It took me a while to figure this out. . . I think I’m happy with my decision.

What are your Favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs? Hmmm??






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Diggin Days | Episode 12 – What Helps Me Unwind? Plus A Day Trip!

Thanks for watching this video! This episode of Diggin Days includes me talking about what I do when I get anxious/worried/stressed and why I do what I do.
Plus a day trip to Ballybunion with one of my best friends.

Again, thanks for watching:)

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The Health Benefits of Espresso Based Drinks | Death to Bubbles

This Guest Blogging Post was taken from the following Blog Page : (Click the link to see more about everything you need to know about coffee!)Death To Bubbles Blog Page


Is Coffee healthy? – 4 Facts

Good news for coffee lovers! In a rare turn of events, the WHO, has removed coffee from its list of carcinogens after new studies show no link between bowel cancer and coffee. Below are 4 great health benefits of coffee. Check out below for the benefits of espresso based drinks! 


Coffee can boost your metabolism

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that caffeine is found is most commercially sold fat burning supplements. So why is that? Caffeine is one rare cases of a natural substance that can aid fat burning and has been shown to have similar effects to that of Green Tea.

There are several studies that show that caffeine seems to boost the metabolism by 3 to 11 %. You canread up on the effects of caffeine on the metabolism here.


Coffee contains essential nutrients

Take a look at the nutritional data of a cup of coffee and you will find Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Manganese and Potassium as well as Magnesium and Niacin (B3). These amount to 2 to 11 % of the RDA.

This doesn’t seem like much but this is just in one cup, how many do you have a day?


Coffee has been shown to lower your risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease

Little is known on the why but coffee seems to lower the risk for type II diabetes and decrease the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Although there is still no known cure for Alzheimer’s it seems like coffee can at least inhibit it.


Coffee contains antioxidants

You may have read about antioxidants before. These molecules inhibit the oxidation of other molecules or in other words: They protect cells from damage that other unstable molecules can cause. The damage that comes from these so called free radicals may lead to cancer.

But good news: coffee contains huge amounts of antioxidants – even more than most people get from both vegetables and fruits combined.


Interested in coffee? Check out our eBook on the origin of some popular espresso based drinks! For more coffee info, check out the blog.


Diggin Days | Episode 11 – Bike Fest Killarney

I went to Bike Fest Killarney, which took place June Bank Holiday Weekend 2016. Bike Fest is Ireland’s largest free open biker festival so I said I would pop out & see my sister and family in Killarney for the night and record the trip. Watch below! Please like & share the video if you enjoy.

I pottered around the stalls, got some food & enjoyed the fabulous sunny warm weather! A great evening so it was. I love going to events that are a bit different from a regular night out in a nightclub and this looked like something different so I’m glad I went.

Real late nights out make my back and body pains much worse, as I don’t get enough rest and sleep. Lack of sleep & rest makes my pain worse and I always want to make the most out of everyday. That’s what life is about! When I go out & stay out late? I can’t make the most of the days, so for me home for 12 and a nice evening suits my body and mind well. That’s what is important to me in life. Enjoying life & minding my body & mind as best as I can.

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That Week Tho.

I said I would write a post about my week last week. A week that flew by. I had a great week….but I feel a bit run down after it as I didn’t take enough care of myself regarding nutrition, exercise & drinking enough water etc which caused me a headache.  I feel like this run down/sluggish more often when I haven’t taken care of myself. I think we all relate to that. You are what you eat….aaaand I tired sick of being a Pringle.

So what did I get up to the past week?

Monday I went to class. Afterwards I met my friends Celine & Stephanie & a few more in town for a nice cup of tea, I treated myself to one of my favorite pastries. A Danish Whirl! I then went to the gym and done a very light ‘work out‘. Basically what my body is able for. It’s not much… but I know my limits now after years of not knowing how my body copes with Fybromyalgia! I then had a shower followed on by passing out in bed.


Out for dranks. 1 7up Free Please.

Tuesday I went too class. Afterwards I edited my first like ‘official’ vlog “Why Do I Dream Big?” By that I mean I actually thought about a theme for the video. I pottered into town to have dinner with a good friend Stephanie & 2 others and I had such a lovely time. Great conversation, great food, a great time! I headed home at 11, finished editing my video and passed out again at around 1am. 

Wednesday I had class. It flew by! I went straight to the gym after. Done my light work out, came home and cooked Pasta with pesto & veg for myself and my boyfriend and we sat and hung out with Rachel. We both went to sleeeeep at 11. I like being in bed at 10/10:30 but it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.


Are Those My Feet.

Thursday I met my friend Celine after class in town, we hung out & basked in the sun. We decided to walk up to hers for a while. I was treated to chocolate cake aaaand a chocolate rice krispie bun. Lucky me! Fiona collected me & we went to Ballybunion, as she had to go look at a pub. I pottered around the beach myself for an hour or so. Headed home and we went for one drink with my friend Rachel in town. 

Friday I cycled to cockleshell beach as it was a beautiful day. I met Celine in town. I treated myself to a Subway, for the first time in a long time. We bought more food and pottered up to my house and then it was BBQ time at mine with Celine Chloe and some more. Yum Yum! 

Saturday I went to the Gym in the morning. I bought some tasty Kelkin Granola and finally had a healthy breakfast for myself with Soya yogurt & fruit. I went to the beach with Rachel, Celine & Hutch. We stayed for a little while as there were flies all over the beach. I tried to bring us to the beach I went too a lot as a kid….but my direction is terrible and we were at the wrong beach. Woops. We went home to chill in the garden for a few hours before I got a bus out to Bike Fest in Killarney in the evening. It was so chill. I had such a lovely evening there. Lovely weather, cool atmosphere, something nice and different. We went home at 10 and watched a film and I went sleep. Check out my video for it here : 

IMG_0597Sunday I went to the Bike fest again. We popped into the Tattoo Convention with my sister’s boyfriend and it was funky! I walked back into town and I got the bus back for 6 o clock. Had a shower and headed over to my boyfriends for the night. We watched The Graham Norton Show and Monsters University.

May as well throw Bank Holiday Monday in as it felt like it was all the one week. I joined Michelle, Gordon & Jerry for breakfast. Jerry and I drove around Ballybunion and we went for a walk. We had more tea with amazing melty cookies with Michelle and Gordon before they headed home. We got’s some food then watched a favorite film of Jerry’s & I. Straight Outta Compton. See it if you haven’t. Fantastic film! He dropped me home after 11. I got my stuff ready for the week ahead and just. Passed out in bed.!

That was my weeeeeek. Basically a play by play. There is so much more I would like to do in a week but… lads it’s mad, time flies doesn’t it?! I hope to have one night to myself more often though. It’s a rarity it happens for people, but honestly it’s something that truly helps me personally. I need that more often to keep my mental health well.

Currently : Loving Life and living it to the full. Woop!

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Why do I Dream Big?

Why do I Dream Big? …is a Vlog about why I like to dream, have hope && goals in life. How having dreams impacts my life and what my dreams were when I was younger, and how they grew as time went on.

It’s often we forget about our dreams as time goes on and that…makes me sad. I think we should always dream! No matter how big or little, and people should support each others dreams even if you think there mad! I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grow up when I was a kid, and that’s what inspired this video.

Thank you for watching!:)

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My 5 Favourite | Beyoncé Songs

BEYONCE is one of my favorite performers, singers, all around inspirations. I am inspired by her hard work by her commitment and dedication to her work and passion, her music && lyrics, and her genuine confidence at owning what she does BY expressing herself through music and dance.

Below I have put together “My 5 Favorite | Beyonce songs”. it was a tough one, as there are many songs that I listen too, but these are my favorites all round. I ended up only picked song’s from two album’s : “Beyoncé” and “4” surprising myself.

“Heaven” is a song from Beyoncé’s self titled album ‘Beyoncé’ released in 2013 is a song I listen too a lot and brings me a lot of piece.

“Grown Woman” is a song from Beyoncé’s self titled album ‘Beyoncé’ released in 2013. It’s a song I listen too when I feel like I am being judged by people, feel fearful of going after what I love to do and what I believe in and it makes me feel happier for being who I am.

“Schoolin Life” is a song from the deluxe edition of her fourth studio album “4” from 2011. A song I listen too when I feel good/bad about life. It makes me feel like I am and we all are doing the best we can in life. It really makes you feel good!


Pretty Hurts” is a song from Beyoncé’s fifth studio album self titled “Beyoncé” and the song to me is about how you have to take care of what’s on the inside first, no matter how much you try to change your appearance you’ll never be happy unless your happy inside. You have to work on both.

“Start Over” is a song is a song from her fourth studio album “4” from 2011. I enjoy this song because its all about second chances and giving people another chance. No matter with a friend, other half, or family member. We all have difficulties in our relationships, but you can start over and try again.

So those are my 5 Favourite Beyoncé songs! What are your’s?


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Just Once I Wish I Could Go Back To My Childhood In Ballybunion

A piece I produced for the “Just once” series that aired on Radio Kerry on my training course. 

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