I’ll Finish Him Off Like Cheesecake – Fat Amy

Life in my shoes – They literally have holes in them.

Electricity, medical bills galore are rolling in. I never imagined that to be the life of a 19-year-old. All grown now up now though eh? Not a hope. Us humans never stop growing, Like our ears, yes, it is a fact our ears never stop growing. Dream big you big eared people! However, I am still the biggest child at heart, I get excited when I buy marshmallows & sleep with my baby blanket.

I became fed up with my daily life routine, so I signed up to take part in a web authoring online course. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity so decided I need to prepare. Id fancy being a web nerd in a few years, only if my health keeps going down the drain, like a big dirty….cotton ball. Its my last resort, I’ll have a whack at everything else before that.

I attempted to do my own version of many lent promises. I stayed off one thing, a love of mine, hot chocolate. That one success proves to me I have a hopeful amount of will power I can increase, but also you have to make it & you don’t have to make a chocolate bar, so ah ya… I think it’s the patience & anxious side of me that may have failed lent for me. Yeah I’ll go with that one!

april 2013 056

I began spiritual healing and it helps. It’s about relaxing the muscles in your body and relaxing your mind also. Sweet Jebus we all know I need that before I turn into a loop the loop, but in that case Id have a chocolate covering and that’s pretty impressive. I go to the church every day I can to light candles & say my own imaginary prayers. Mainly because other prayers mean sweet potato to me, I pray to my own version of god. I know it helps. . .I like to think god looks like a big fluffy cloud shaped as some sort of magical creature, as I pray to those fluffy magical creature clouds.

On the man side of my life, I’ll just quote Facebook “in a relationship”.

I had surgery on Wednesday evening as I had Pilo Nidal Sinus. I had to swallow my pride and have over twenty people look at my butt the past month. I hope tis a nice one. “Father Fluffy bottom” from father Ted is what I’ll call my superhero alter ego. I will be recovering for about two or so weeks and I will be honest, I have a giant fear I’ll gain a whale amount of weight in the next month or two as I can’t walk.

mort & fluffball I received in hospital
mort & fluffball I received in hospital

I got a green exercise ball for my back pain recently, although is never actually used for exercise, but for cracking my back and bouncing/falling over on for all my visitors. A great investment from Dunnes! I try to have wishful thinking that my back/hip issues will get better, when it cracks it sounds like a pringles can popping. Once you pop you can’t stop. I’ve gone down the route of acupuncture, my back felt like a dart board and I still am not sure if we scored a bullseye on that one but well have to wait a few months to see that result!

I’ve learned a lot about life in the past few years. People are kind, generous, thoughtful and amazing. I know who those people are in my life as I keep in contact with all those who matter, even if a lot of time passes by in between. I can see a lot of selfish acts going on too though. I myself felt that over the past year I have talked about people, not in a bad way, but in a way of chatting/gossip, and it made me feel guilty as a person. I started to be more honest, say what I believe in to people’s faces. It may have and will land me in trouble but being honest is the way I want to choose to live my life so I shall start being more true to who I am. I post this stuff because I feel it a positive activity for my mental health. You should try it too.

After all….

I’m amazing 😉


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