19, but not for long.

As I lay here in bed devouring a tube of smarties, I wish life was always as colorful as the little tasties. These days I’m a bit, detached. I mean I’m here listening/talking to people, but now & then I feel like a balloon that’s floated off from its string it was once tied onto. My head feels empty, like if you burst that balloon, it wouldn’t even pop because there’s nothing there to burst. I’m heading to America on Wednesday, and I know, this trip will change me. I’m going to go find me again, who knows where, probably sitting inside a Starbucks trying to explain Barry’s Tea to a employee.

I recently got a small cross tattoo on my wrist as a little honor to my father, you could say its for religious reasons, but seeing as last month I compared the Apostles/Jesus to Twitter Followers/Egg…I guess not. I do quite love this little cross and I wish to get more small simple ones.

just a man drawing on my arm
just a man drawing on my arm

Life has given me the wonderful title of an aunt for the second time to a little boy I will see tomorrow or Tuesday. I wish my dad was here to see him but he will be looking down on him. Its amazing how if your in a terrible mood and you hear a little bit of good news it can change your mood completely.

We forget about the positives in life and tend to focus more on the negative. From now on, we all together focus on the upside to every story, how Cinderella found her Prince Charming, how Buzz went to infinity & beyond and how we will all see our shooting stars.

I can see mine and its on its way.

I am a starfish
I am a starfish

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