You cant get whiskey from a bottle of Wine…If you can, fair played to ya.

Today is my final day of being a teenager *big sarcastic cheer*. Twenty sounds much older than nineteen. . .

I keep repeating ‘I don’t want to begin my twenties‘, ‘I don’t want to grow older’, but thing is, this sh*t is going to happen to all of us’ (excuse my French but I was just wandering around the streets of a french city Quebec in Canada).

To be honest, overall I had extremely fun filled teenage years. Yes there were people that affected me in ways I wish I didn’t let them do so, but I made the best friends I will have for life, that literally are what keep me 5% sane. Two people died, but two people were also born, and memories never die. ย I dropped out of my final education but I also done my most important exams. I lost competitions, but I won the big ones. I got sick, but I’ve always gotten better, (this method better continue to reach my goals, damn bad back).

Keepin it real like Ian Beale.
Keepin it real like Ian Beale.

The positives outweigh the negatives. Instead of fearing my twenties im preferably going to make the utmost of this time, no point in fearing nature taking its course.

Here is a list of goalsย ill try reach by thirty, some far fetched, some effortless, some unrealistic, but a goal can never be accomplished if never created right?

I believe ill never reach any of them.

Learn to put myself in people shoes before I judge them (quietly in my mind)

Visit New Zealand, Germany, and most of all Belfast.

Sing live in front of a crowd as often as possible, be a singer in a band.

Dance with Chachi Gonzalez.

Get as many qualifactions as possible.

Own my own house and car and preferably a Bijon dog.

Act in a tv show/movie.

Be fit and be able to run 5/10 miles, so basically run a marathon.

Give back to my aunts & uncles, friends, family who literally seem to do everything for me. (why? I dont know)

Open a sandwich store. (make my husband the best sandwiches in the world)

Meet Rihanna, Interview You Me At Six,

Smile and laugh everyday, and make someone smile and laugh everyday.

Swim in as many oceans as possible.

Learn all I can about Irish History.

Write a book.

Think I can do it? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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