Aim for first place, or else you”ll always come Second. Duhh.

On one of my cycles around Tralee
On one of my cycles around Tralee

First up, my belly feels uneasy & teeth gritty, as I’ve just had my ‘snack’ of 8 crackers lathered in chocolate Spread (I licked the knife) 😉 two buns & a slice of chocolate cake thanks to our kind generous neighbors. I must have some of that liquidy dairy goodness cow’s squeeze out of their udders now, to settle the uneasy noises. #GettingCalcium Yeah I just Hash-tagged, Sue me. Fiona would be proud.

Recently in life I haven’t been aiming for what I know I can achieve

Due to some unfortunate circumstances I must be attracting to myself : 

As y’all know I suffer with Fybromyalgia & painful bad back/hip pain (also slight mental health issues, if you haven’t guessed)

I went to a doctor again, for help. I was told these injections might help ease the tension/aches in my muscles. “WOW, a revelation, sounds like something that might change my life around” & so it did, for now. The needle was pushed in too far… POP! Like a Looner’s balloon, my poor lung was punctured. (A looner is someone who has a fetish with balloons I just found out so I needed to share the info)

I Had an overnight stay in hospital. Best part? Realizing yet again what caring friends & family I have, they’re such an assortment of candied love hearts, I want to eat them all! Continued being a couch potato once I got out…I’m on the mend though, just need some more plasters.

A shot of me face on. A shot that I fear.
A shot of me face on. A shot that I fear.

I am slowly but undeniably altering the way I think, my patience has been tested, but look I still haven’t cracked. I shall attract more positivity into my life. Rather than thinking “I hope I’m not too sore to go” I’ll think “I can’t wait until then” & instead of “I wish I could dance” ill say “I can’t wait to dance again”

Today is Monday, I always create new ‘rules/plans’ on Mondays. But today, this Monday, feels different. I feel like I am going to take charge of my choices and be even stronger. I feel I literally have had a wake up call. YOUR granted this life to live it to the best way YOU can,

I love my friends & family. To sum it up, the main reason I’m here, alive, is because I like to stick around for everyone else. If you were the last person on earth, it would be a sad, lonely, place, so while were all here, why not make it worthwhile, make as many friends as possible. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. Makes my day more interesting.

We all have negative people & situations in our lives at some point. I believe it’s because we attract that to ourselves. Why not forget about the negative for a while?

Here’s a Challenge : Keep negative thoughts & people out of your life & see how it goes, for one week. Can you do it?

Challenge Accepted.

Friends over for Halloween Drinks last night

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