A Tour Of My Old Family Home

Here is a video of a tour of my old family home I lived in pretty much all of my life. I moved a good bit, but always ended up here.
A lot of my best memories were created in this house, with friends and family through the years. I miss living here, moving out of here was very tough. I had created my own little haven in my bedroom. I found the whole house very comforting, and when it was just dad and I, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

But houses are materialistic, that’s not what really matters, family & friends are.

I had to move out, as I couldnt face living in the house without my dad, especially due to the fact that is where he was found dead in terrible circumstances, but I can always visit if I wish. But I don’t need to, he’s with me everywhere I go anyway, always telling me to never give up and never let anyone get me down.

I abide by the first rule, with the second…I’m still working on it, a very weak point of mine.
But believe me i’m slowly starting to voice my opinion and views on certain things and not being afraid, and I am taking it step by step.

I’ll get there.

Don’t sweat the small stuff for now, and do me a favor and just smile RIGHT NOW.

For yourself ๐Ÿ™‚


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