“Unlucky” number 13 is nearing an end.

This was my second Christmas day without the presence of my father (and his presents…dang flabbit)

The family Christmas Dinner.
The family Christmas Dinner.

Let me say it did not affect me as negatively, to how it did last year. My dad passed away at the beginning of last year unfortunately, but this Christmas I have become more grateful for the people who are still here with us. I had a refreshing day, I had a hearty bowl of Crunchy Nut then tried to contain myself from that seductive box of Roses until after dinner, & I did, *pats self on back* But like, whats the deal with taking my favorite green Caramel away and replacing it with Coffee? Psssh…Cadbury’s are making people angry eh! I enjoyed the day with the family I still have, and it was wonderful.

me and my video recorder
me and my video recorder

I have began taking part in a reality TV series called “Connected”. 5 women of all different ages, with different stories/lives, get given a camera to record their life. Daily vlogging, family/friend gatherings. I must document what is going on in this swamped enticing and thrilling life of mine…If you can’t hear the sarcasm in my manly voice? (well, I meant it in a sarcastic way ) I don’t know how I will be entertaining? A girl who has a terrible bad back, lives with unbearable pain everyday and cooks a lot of cookies will make good television? I don’t do much, as I am physically unable.

But maybe the story of me trying as best as I can may entertain/inspire some? If yere as easily amused as myself? Well then yes, i’m sure it will entertain you. Expect to see me spilling my heart out and the people closest to me popping up on your TV screens at the end of next year.

I recently have been told I’ve Hyper-mobility? Rheumatoid arthritis? I leave a question mark as its still not officially diagnosed. But whatever it is is ruining my life, my dreams, my spirits and all in all just making me feel useless and down. I have so much I want to do for others, and myself. All I can do is try my best, but by far it is no where near close to what I believe I can accomplish. The sooner I get officially diagnosed and medicated? The sooner I can fly off to a hot country and live this life i’m dying to live. Dying to live? Only someone sadistic like me could come out with that.

himself and myself
himself and myself

I recently celebrated my first year anniversary with an adorable gorgeous sexy man at the beginning of December. Yes to embarrass him, I feel I chose the correct words & I ain’t one bit sorry. He got myself a family value pack of Coco Pops. Cereal that turns normal milk chocolatey? Perfection. The relationships going well, I fear though that my health (its shockingly terrible) may eventually effect us, I feel like i’m deteriorating, but so far seeing as i’m still hobbling about were still going. It makes me happy and as confused as a chameleon in a room full of skittles, to witness someones stayed with me over a year. Fair play to him and his profound patience! Greatly appreciated.

I’m sure Ill pop another blog entry up with my hopes for the new year in the next coming days. If not.. Happy New Year!


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