The day I wished to have good memories, so I made some more instead.

Today is dad’s second anniversary. Poo. Smelly dirty poo. I even dare say, Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo.

Yeah when I say to myself “oh he died two years ago sure” I feel I should be moved on, living life and forgetting. But no, the odds of that are as high as a shooting star. Every day I think of the smelly horrible second of January of 2012. The day my life changed dramatically due to a illness in my fathers mind. Yes, that day death came knocking on his door. Why death why? Do you think your comical? Do you think your better than us all? Well… Your not, there’s still millions of us alive so good luck trying to beat us all…ya filthy animal.

I visited his grave, its looking very schnazzy for a grave, well chuffed. I hadn’t seen it all “done up” yet. (as if its an episode of beyond the hall door) Got himself stones on top of it and everything. Fair play Granda! Not that Granda will ever actually read this and know I said that, as he cannot even do what us youngsters do when blind drunk, he cant text on a phone. Mind you, remember, I dot drink myself. But I thank him for organizing all that, maybe he has a itchy nose now and feels someones talking about him. Well, tis me Granda and I thank you! It was comforting to give dad some flowers, nice bright daisy looking ones. They were not Daisy’s, they were…. they were…some silly confusing name I cant remember, nor would I even be able to spell that if I could so to be honest, lets just stick with daisy’s shall we? πŸ™‚

I had a little “remembrance” dinner this evening. I wanted to do something nice for special people in my life, to be grateful for who I always have that I know I can count on. There was me-self, Celine, Ashleigh and Dave, the legend that he is. We all had a chicken curry & Celine bought buns & the most amazingly addictive cheap ass Tesco Onion Rings crisps, that I swear were better than my curry. Proof? They were all gone, the curry, wasn’t. “But Id ate it if I was hungry like.”

My *sings out of tune* “high hopes* for 2014 are: To write more, not something unrealistic like lose weight/get fit (as I actually can’t, i’m stuck on a couch half the days). Ill write more, something I can & really want to do to better me myself and I, because as the song says “that’s all I got i the end”. But that’s a lie. I’ve many people here for me. I hope ye all have a wonderful year full of rainbows, candyfloss, and unclogged toilets.

A little snippet of me dads grave. I don’t know why I’m putting this in, but sure why not?


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