Change, is it good or bad? Regarding money its just annoying.

People, relationships, families, change. They grow, the learn, the end, they die. They change.

Myself in America last Summer, the heat makes me feel amazing.
Myself in America last Summer, the heat makes me feel amazing.

I change everyday. Would you believe it? I do have a lot of clothes. I grow a little bit older (why can’t I freeze frame?) every single day. So do you. Sorry to state the obvious.

Tomorrow is a big life altering change for me. I am moving house. To me its big. I am moving from the apartment where I have resided for nearly 2 years now. Its the first home I’ve had since my dad’s passing. Actually, it is. Was? My first home of my own, independently, ever. It was a place I have learned a lot. I have grown up (I still have a long way to go, tortoise speed) & learned a lot as a person ever since moving in. Mostly that, if taco fries are in walking distance, I’ll buy them. I have lived on my own, with Ciara & Fiona here. I shared fun nights with each of them.

Before I moved in, (I wonder how life would have played out if I moved to Kings Court?) I was working, in a job, on my life, on my hobbies. I was determined, to succeed in life, to make the best of every moment. Losing my parents, made me realize I should take their advice, “go for itI want to bootay dance like B someday again in The Abbey. *twerk-a-jerk* But my back pain began to take a toll. Come September of 2012 until right now I have been unemployed & uneducated. I feel worthless. Let’s choose another word. I feel, unaccomplished. I know myself, I am capable of anything I put my mind too. If I want it. I know I can do amazing things, If I want too. Just like you all, we all can do anything we can imagine. If we want too. Here’s the part where my friend ‘Jack Davy‘ will “tell you what he wants, what he really really wants”

So packing up some photos, remembering all my memories I have made with amazing friends here, has made me really grateful to have called it home. I will miss it, terribly, I don’t even want to leave to be honest. But I am stuck in a daily routine, and I need to get out of it, to break my mood and bad habits. So i decided lets give change a chance. Whats the harm?ย 

Carmel & I new years eve. Happy New Year!
Carmel & I new years eve. Happy New Year!

I’ll keep you posted.

*NB Hutchy just asked

“will ya make some tea?”

ย  I responded what do I get?

Smart arse say “Good lovin”.


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