Rain, rain, pain in my…..

So… That weather eh? Lovely. Free showers & my clothes get washed. Boom!

Well, I moved house. I’m proud of meself, I got balls & actually moved. Lady-balls that is lads, of course a hot piece of ass like mine is all natural….

myself when I went to visit one of the most amazing guys, OMAR.
myself when I went to visit one of the most amazing guys, OMAR.

I like my bedroom, its slowly being made into my little haven. Just like my old bedroom in the house I grew up in. I’ve got my old drawers, mirror and memory boxes clogging it all up. And that’s just poifect to me. I am happy here…So far. I wont put all my eggs in one basket though just yet. Because Id boil and eat them all at once, with a pinch of salt and buttery toasht. I am looking forward to adjusting my lifestyle to my new home. Home! I called it home. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

I am in the process of shooting footage for the Documentary called “Connected”. I plan from today on to focus more on it. I want to portray myself how I really am. I must teach some friends some camera work this week. So if anyone would like to help shoot for a documentary being shown on RTE? Holla at yo gal! ย I have my own camera, & let me tell you, its the fanciest thing I’ve ever worked with on my own, and I freeeking love it.

In this show, prepare to see me cry, laugh, get pis**d off, waddle, and be as honest as I can be. Good/bad judgement will be received from many people around the town & country. I’m excited (AND NERVOUS AS HEAVEN & HELL MORPHED INTO A SUPERNATURAL WORLD) to see what will be said, by friends, family, and the nation. (be gentle, pweety please?, its up to you!)

DJ Fi, a best friend is a gift.
DJ Fi, a best friend is a gift.

But what I’d like from the whole experience as a end result, is to make my family proud of me, and prove to be people, you have to be honest with yourself to get on in life.

If your in denial over your feelings, health, career choices, past, you wont be happy moving on or learn anything. Which is how I am. Not anymore. Do what makes you happy. For you.

ย After all, your granted your life, do what you want to do, and if you want to be someones friend? Support their decisions, they’ll support you, I’ve seen people do so, and it makes everything worthwhile.


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