You better check yoself.

January is nearly over. Good or bad thing?

I think for countless people January is meant to be a fresh start, a new beginninng, full of change blah di blah. Numerous people feel pressure to expect everything to change in an instant, just because it is a new month, & when expectations arnt met? We feel alone, like a failure, tired, and also very full after going mad indulging in the last of the Christmas goodies (mind you theres still some in my aunts house ) the last few days before the big “diet” on January 1st. Me myself? Well yeah, I tend to decorate the couch with the bright couloured metallic wrappers every year.

I had the same thought and determination as many of ye. Give up the aul sweets, biscuits, cigarettes, take aways and gain determination go to gym and lose some weight. Well I think after day number 2 of a health kick, I went binge mad (binge #1billion) because I was thinking about not having “junk food” constantly that I was overthinking so I cracked and et until I could not move. Yet again, this is a constant thing with me, I dont know when I am full or hungry. It doesnt get me down anymore, Ive learned to deal and move on. Wahooo!

My 11th, my last birthday with my mom.
My 11th, my last birthday with my mom.

The last, well say 4 months or so, I went through phases of cutting out sugary foods, then binging on around 15 biscuits, 20 chocolates, 4 crunchies, and a full bag of Haribo… all at once. I kid you not. (as much as it embaresses me) You may not believe it when you see I am not overweight but believe me, it does occur.

Iv’e finally discovered my ‘solution‘…? Don’t cut all junk out completely. Replace what you dont want with something else that’s nourishing. My replacement is going to be apples, (Pink ladys are amazing, you have to try one) eating my proper meals, relaxing the anxiety I feel coming up to meal times and get back to feeling better and more energised. I say this all now because, I feel with people reading this, they’ll know what Im trying to do. Therefore I feel that will motivate me more to stick to improving my own general health. My back/hips are falling apart, and me being unkind to the rest of my body and what I put into it? Is not going to help anything else improve.

Look how good it all looks!
Look how good it all looks!

So from the time I publish this post. For one whole month. Until the 26th of February I am going to REPLACE chocolate sweets, jellies and leave a couple of biscuits here and there as my release. I shall post a picture on that date of a before and after of my body, skin, and document how I feel before and after. Hopefully my insides will thank me. That’s my goal! I’m going to click publish now… in a minute…but first im going to enjoy these last few jellies. Get in my belly!

This one month experiment is not to lose weight, look better for anyone else, it’s to help me get more energy, stop feeling sluggish && get motivated to get a routine && life back for me myself and I. Ya never know, someone reading this may begin on taking up or giving something else up for a month? Go on sure, why not πŸ˜‰ Lets all do something together. Let me know if you think of anything πŸ™‚


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