Real life “Characters” who may appear in Connected.

I was asked by my lovely boss lady to please inform her of people who I believe may pop up in the series for RTE and a brief description of them if I can. Below is my…attempt. I’m sure there are others that will be around also but I can’t describe all you wonderful people just yet is all, just a few for now 🙂

Fiona (23, housemate) : Works part time. 4th year college student. Became good friends in 2012 through parties, she moved in in summer 2013. We always have great time for each other and never fail to make each other laugh, ever. A really lovely girl Ill be friends with for life.

Michelle (20, housemate) : A good friend who is a 3rd year nurse. She has diabetes and takes insulin 3 times a day, and is working part time in a bar. Always offers her hand to help you and cheers you up when your feeling down.

Katie (21, housemate) : A quiet girl studying nursing, who at the same time can be crazy/random and is really genuine and sweet, excited to get to know her better living with her.

Niamh (21 ) : One of my best friends. We met in 1st year in college and have been friends since. We know nearly everything about each other and are more like sisters than friends. We always act silly and know when each other are up or down. And we know when one another wants to talk or just wants to sit together.

Celine (20 ) : I have been best friends with Celine since I was 15. She is my rock. I trust her with everything. She is a really generous, smart, thoughtful person who always does things for others & never asks for anything in return. Currently she is over in England studying, she is very inspiring to me, she always goes for what jobs/careers goals she wants which I have always admired.

Roisin (23 ) : My oldest best friend since I was about 3/4. We grew up on the same road together and always went to each others houses every day of the summer throughout our childhood to play and hang out with her brothers and cook/bake together. I’m very close to her and her family and love to visit their family home as they feel like family too.

Clare (21) : good friends with her since I was seven throughout school. I see her every 2 months ish as she is studying up in Galway. We grew up together as teenagers and she guided me through those years. A really mature lady.

Rachel (22) : A really bubbly sweet girl who is determined in what she wants. Very giving and thoughtful and honest. Only met her late 2013 but were getting on really well and I’m glad were friends & I am excited to get to know her better.

Ciara (20) : I lived with her for the first half of 2013, a very nice funny girl, also in Fiona’s class & from Mullingar. We all hang out for sleepovers sometimes and always have a laugh and talk about random funny stuff.

Aislinn(21) : One of the most random girls I have ever met. So fun, honest and out there. She is a lovely girl who is really nice & easy to talk and relate to. She is good friends with Fiona and I, and I love to hang out with her as I’m always smiling & laughing along.

Hutchy (20) : My boyfriend whom I’ve been with since October 2012. He is on work placement in Tralee and works at the weekend gigging in a band (Chapter 2) with his 3 best friends. He makes me laugh a lot and I feel great when I am with him so I am very happy with him. He is also like my best friend as we always take the piss out of each other & I can be as weird as I wish around him.

Wiggles (21) : The lead singer of the band. Very open, he voices his opinion and isn’t afraid to do so, which is a great trait many don‘t have. Lovely funny honest guy with a lot of talent and will go far.

Robyn (21) : Really quiet nice thoughtful guy, keeps to himself until you get to know him, really interesting and relaxed, the bassist of the band.

Ryan (21) : Hutchy’s roommate. The amazing guitarist of the band. A lovely guy who makes you laugh and is easy to talk to, and practices his music a lot.

Oscar ( 20) : Hutchy’s roommate from Dublin. A very talented singer who is so easy going and a very down to earth genuine guy, a very good honest friend full of silly puns and always makes me laugh.

Furgus (22) : Been friends with him since 2012. A good friend, a funny guy who is a qualified teacher looking for work. He’s very caring and genuinely a great guy you’d be glad to meet!

Jay ( 21) : Quiet guy who keeps to himself, but in the company of others he is very interesting to talk to at the same time and is really polite and generous. Really nice guy.

Dave (21) : A really funny awesome friend of mine. Always makes me laugh by taking the piss. A great dancer and always up for some fun and a bit of a laugh. He’s someone you could hang out with for days with and always be laughing. He’s studying in the ITT, originally from Meath.

Jerry (21) : A great trusting friend whom I’ve been friends with since 1st year college. He guides me through sticky situations even if I don’t ask for help which is more than I deserve. He is caring and thoughtful and generous with his time and is always determined to keep going no matter what happens.

Kiwi (21) : A great friend of mine who is protective of me. A lovely lad, he is also on the dól like me and many others but has been searching for work also for a long time and is determined to get some work. He is very thoughtful and makes the best of everything no matter what it is, he will see the positive side.

Grandad : My dad’s father who I grew up with around us. Everyday he’d visit in the morning for 2 hours and every night he would call down from 9 – 12 chatting to my dad on our dining room table. A very stubborn man, set in his ways, but in the end when you need him he’s there and he gives the best advice he can.

Yental : My sister. A lovely lady who I am alike in many ways. She is hard working and the most thoughtful lady. She doesn’t get enough credit for what she does for me. She has given me so many gifts and done me so many favours regarding money over the years, dinners, bus tickets etc that I will pay her back somehow someday. Very adventurous and likes to live life.

Anthony K (Yental’s boyfriend) : A very open, free willing man who works with my sister also. He’s up for anything random and is a good laugh. Always comes out with strange comments, a great aul genuine funny character.

Paul (uncle) : This man is like my second father. I love him so much. He does so much for everyone around him. You ever need a favour from him? He’ll try his very best to help. He’s very caring and is a genuine lovely man I am so grateful for. He puts himself in other peoples shoes so he can see what’s what.

Lexy (aunty/mom’s sister) : My aunt is a very special lady to me. We always have the craic together. I never think for a second she is 50 years old. Calling to my aunt is just like calling to my friends hanging out for the day. She has it tough with her health but that never stops her cracking a lovely smile. She’s a inspiration and does a lot for her family.


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