“Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice” I dare any man to use this tonight.

Today is the glorious enchanting fairy like day we call Valentines Day. A trademark ‘holiday’ and a load of b*lox. I’ve made it a terrible habit lately using that word, and I blame Father Ted and my tendency to get obsessed with one thing at a time. (All of Love Hate was watched in one week)

I spent last night with Hutchy, we had Chicagotown pizza, just like last year. Which I accidentally grilled first, before switching on the oven. It was crispy, not burnt… I repeat crispy. Like those Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. I got him a funky jar and filled it with mini eggs and jelly snakes and a card with a dog on it. Why a dog you ask? Well, it was in Dealz and the first one I saw. I wanted to fill up a mug that I saw in the window that said “hot stuff” with mini eggs, but I couldn’t find it, my patience ran away and sure… jars are cooler. :

Who wouldnt wanna date this?
Who wouldnt wanna date this?

He got me a love heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher, && inside was a scratch card that won €8. (I will buy him another pizza with this as I feel bad for ‘crisping’ ours) I ate them all while sharing one or two. Although I read inside the box a little too late…This morning I saw my message, “Don’t eat them all in one go” inside the top cover of the box. Apologies for getting too excited. Chocolate & women = The urges drive us crazy. It’s like a man and bacon, food that just makes everything better.

I myself don’t like to see people feeling down on Valentines day. Take the piss for the craic yeah sure, have a laugh, but you can see some people do get truly sad. But really ya shouldnt be, sometimes being single may be the best thing for you don’t you think? You can choose your own direction, your own path and have no hang ups because you only have yourself to think of and not what effect it may have on your relationship, whether it’s you or the other person that might get hurt.:

Any girls who do this for a man? She's a keeper.
Any girls who do this for a man? She’s a keeper.

So in fairness, single people should have a happy day also right? One can treat themselves or a member of their family to what they’s like. Instead of getting something for someone else, one may aswell use it as a day to celebrate how awesome it is that no one is holding you back. Why not get your granny/granddad/parents something nice and a valentines card? They’d only be charmed by your gifts, and ya might get one in return. Little things like that may make your day better eh?

But I see both sides, I see how you may be sad/happy if single, but it’s just not how I myself relate to the ‘holiday’, just remember whatever side your on? Don’t focus more on the other.


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