A Week Long Food Diary

Here I have inserted a Food Diary of my past week, which  has literally everything I have eaten in that week included.

I am embarrassed looking at this. What the hell is this? Rotten Foods! This is NOT what I want to live on not at all. This is not what I really love. I have become lazy and its not me.

I was once (about 3 years ago) a very good healthy eater, and I felt great, and this week I am doing another food diary, but this one will include proper meals, and proper nutrition with no crazy sugary things constantly around. No wonder I get run down.

Time To change! (or else I’ll have no clothes left that fit me)

Yes Yes I agree!
Yes Yes I agree!

Monday :
Cheese Toastie (white bread), 4 Chocolate rice cakes, a Granola bar, Fish-Cake n’cheese chips. Bowl of melted Cheesey nachos, €2 worth of jellies, Pint of Orange juice.

Tuesday :
Big bowl of Cereal, a Granola bar, apple, 8 chocolate Brazil nuts, packet of Rolo’s, caramel Freddo, 2 slices Zingy Zest pizza, 6 squares of white chocolate, Bowl of Nachos.

Wednesday :
2 bowls of Cereal, Cheese toastie (white bread), Banana chocolate crunch corner, caramel Freddo, Beef Noodles with cheese, 2 squares white chocolate, Piece off macaroon bar, €2 worth of jellies/chocolate.

I heart these foods but must give them more attention
I heart these foods but must give them more attention

Thursday :
Cereal, granola bar, apple, half big bag of minstrels, Bacon tomato Tagliette  dinner, €1.50 worth of jellies/chocolate, 6 biscuits.

Friday :
Cereal, apple, granola bar, a rock bun, toasted roll with cheese/ham/tomato, 9 squares Milka chocolate, plain Freddo, cheese toastie (white bread), jellies, 10 Brazil nuts, 2 cans of Club Orange.

Saturday :
Large Chicken roll with mayo, €2 worth of sweets, burger king (nuggets & chips), Mc’Coys crisps, 2 squares of chocolate.

Sunday :
Ceral, Ham & Cheese large roll, 5 Chocolate Brazil nuts, turkish delight bar, packet of wine pasteilles, about 30 Pringles, 15 Minstrels ish, Cheesey Beef Noodles, packet of Love hearts, bottle of Club Lemon, 3 Cadbury Daim mini Eggs.

If one offers me sugary snacks, greasy foods, I am sorry if I decline offers of kindness regarding snacks people offer but this week I am going to be strict. This week’s food shop will have lots of fruits and meats with veg 🙂

Do you think you will write a food diary??


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