I’ll teach you to laugh at something that’s funny! – Homer Simpson

I LOVE Apples.

&& the lovely crunching noise they make when you bite into them, but I never thought my neck would make a louder crunching noise than a juicy Pink Lady. (I should let them in on my secret eh?) Last Thursday, I went to the chiropractor to get meself popped, like my cherry. Well ya found out in the last entry didn’t you?

Outside my old house recently, Memories <3
Outside my old house recently, Memories ❤

There was crunching noises, clicks and pops, and loud deep breaths coming from myself. I got me spine manipulated and all popped out, and I survived the neck adjustment, yet the noise do be making me gag. View the following link on Youtube for an example of what I get done & to hear the noises I dislike hearing from my body, gives me the heeby jeebies.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLgq_xXSXLc) I am going for more blood tests Wednesday morning and also a neck X-Ray in the upcoming weeks. Jebus knows how to fix me right? Don’t you Jebus?! *sighhh* That’s enough about this body I despise (said with disgust) with all my might, before my head explodes with annoyance, rage and tears.

Lily O'Brien's <3
Lily O’Brien’s ❤

Recently Hutchy surprised me with a lovely chocolate Easter Basket gift. Look at the picture. If I took a picture now?… all you would see is the egg….That bunny didn’t stand a chance with me as his master “Get in my belleh” It was ‘sweet’ of him. It was for no reason, just him being awesome & continuing to fatten me up. (I’m doing a good job all by myself) Although now he says he is entitled to make 5 mistakes and that, the present will make up for it?? Smart fellow so he is. As cute as a white chocolate button. *cough cough* LAME. I know, I know but he so cuuuuute. Moving on…. 🙂

I am still working on the camera filming job for the TV series “Connected”. Sometimes yes, bringing around a camera to record my friends, some family and I doing our everyday life is something I think about when sat there looking into the camera.

WHY did I, me? Alanna Diggin? Get chosen to have my dream experience? I have always wanted to do something related to a Reality TV Series. Now that I am one of the participants? I am flattered and feel really special, I literally am so delira with my staighre about this whole experience.

I am not living my dream of being a dancer/singer/performer, my dream of being a ladies soccer star, my dream of just having a average physical working job in a convenient store, dream of being a personal trainer, dream of working as a waitress in a foreign country. This all cannot happen unfortunately due to the way my body has slowly been falling apart…Like a game of Jenga that all of a sudden collapsed, I lost, hard. What I can do though? Is try my best at being creative through the lens of a video camera, learn about life, reality and my friends around me by watching life go by. I learn a lot more about myself and the way I think. I am very open when speaking to the camera. I think it is because no one is there physically looking at me? talking back to me? even acknowledging me? but I know someday you may all see it. 

Maybe this is all happening because this is the method I need to take to fix my mind & body? I will still have ups & downs. We all do. (I believe) Without the downside how can we tell what’s good? Someday’s I do give up. Yeah, I don’t do anything all day, I sit here, don’t change, eat, mope and cry. Then the next day Ill give a whack a mole at the gym, eat well, visit family and put my all into a day. Its all to do with balance. I just wish I could put more effort into this recording process. Sometimes my back even stops me with this work, I feel too down/in pain to even try. But I do try my best, I promise you that. Every day I try harder to do and be better. I am not there yet. But everyday we all grow stronger, together.

One of my great friends Michelle and I. Genuinely a fantastic weird lady :)
One of my great friends Michelle and I. Genuinely a fantastic weird lady 🙂

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