The Price Of Diesel.

The price of Diesel is €1.46 per litre at the moment in Ireland. What I understand from that? Is that it’s a price of something, that makes a car go *vroom vroom*. That literally is about it. I went driving with my Uncle last week. Dun Dun DUN. My first lesson since one with dad 4 years ago. When being told in a hypothetical way “Stop, brake mind the kid” it took me about 10 – 15 seconds to actually link the task received from my brain to my foot && break. Kid would be gone bye bye. So what we gather from that is? That Alanna has many lessons to go before she goes on the road. Don’t fear for the children, I mean no harm.


The days I tried to be a 'cool kid'
The days I tried to be a ‘cool kid’

Last Sunday? I had the heebey jeebey shivers of cold brushing over my body, while at the same time sweating like An Irish man over in Australia. I had a few fevers, I had to leave myself feel as bad as the Arsenal fans this season, before I decided to taxi up to South Doc. I got me some antibiotics and an injection in my butt. (so many doctors have seem my bottom, I am no longer ashamed, I am proud) My aunt took me in, drowned me in Flat 7UP. That I thank her for. That fizz is the shizz. Since then? Ive been panned in bed bar one night I attended a charity event. I have a kidney infection. None of the symptoms? But my pee proves its a infection. Alright then… My antibiotics had no effect, so today, my 3rd visit to the doctors in a week? I got new antibiotics. As of right now, I begin a new antibiotic recovery plan. *crosses fingers* that this feck’s off. I would like to go live the bit of life I was living thanks.

Chloe, Celine, Myself & Ashleigh. The olden days.
Chloe, Celine, Myself & Ashleigh. The olden days.


I had flights booked for yesterday to go visit my best friend In England for her 21st for the week. Something I was excited about for weeks. Then I got sick, so I was going to go tomorrow, but guess what? I need to be near a toilet all the time, for one reason or the other, eh-hem you don’t want to know. And yep you guessed it? I cannot go. I’m upset at for many reasons, I am sick stuck sitting more so than ever, cannot visit my best friend, & most of all because it is Celine’s big 21st birthday. I wanted/needed to be there with her, because this woman is literally wonder woman to me, a sister, a mother, a best friend, all in one. So to make it up to her? I’ll have to do some working, and once i’m better? That will all be done. I promise. FOOK YOU INFECTION! Go suck on some big hairy toes & lick them clean.


A cute babah? Hmm....I hear I was a demon.
A cute babah? Hmm….I hear I was a demon.

Recently I have posted in my blog a lot more, and yeah I have gotten a few more readers and it….makes me smile that creepy smile of mine on this face of mine. (That I sometimes despise, or sometimes am grateful for on the rare occasion it is painted in make up)

The fact anyone reads anything I have actually written from this brain, that is as twisted as a Curly Wurly. Oscar said that is ‘Curled not Twisted’ but I still decided to use it. Hmph. Makes me Smile yes.


Currently, what makes me feel good? Listening to some dancing music. Yes I cannot do it, *dance* that is. But it still makes me happy, Ill throw on a remix, Skrillex, some hip-hop and my imagination runs free. For now, I’ll let it be my imagination before I reach the reality I am striving to have. Some day.


Chillin in Fabric. 8 months before me back hit at me.
Chillin in Fabric. 8 months before me back hit at me.






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