Ignorance is not Bliss.



A baby.

A smile.

A laugh.

A walk.

A hug.


A lesson learned.


Have fun.

Have a drink.

Have a job.

Have a life.

Have a lady.

Have a family.

Have pride.


More lessons learned.


Feel over worked.

Feel Heartbroken.

Feel Lonely.

Feel Loss and Longing.

Feel Determined.

Feel Inspired.


Learn to Try Again.


Be Smart.

Be Strong.

Be Creative.

Be Spontaneous.

Be Yourself.


Learn it gets better.


Know Stress.

Know Failure.

Know Hopeless.

Know Nothing.

Know Death.


Learn Nothing. . . 




I felt inspired to jot this down as I have sat here for an hour wondering about us humans and our actions. What are we here for? To learn, when you feel like giving up & you do so? What happens? Your life lessons disappear don’t they? They are worthless.

If you are suffering in silence in your own mind and feel you need help? Please tell someone. Tell me, Tell your best friend, Tell a stranger over the phone. Tell someone.

I have learned by talking to family members in recent weeks that talking, really does help. It makes you feel weightless. I still struggle with dealing with my back/hip pain every single day as it affects my choices in what I do daily. It is a long process to get results and I am learning to cope, with the help of selfless amazing people I am surrounded by. I hope I can give back to them.

Learn to live.


Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” –  Steve Maraboli



 This song here brings me peace. Listen? 

My Daddy <3
My Daddy ❤







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