RTE Two Launch Party

What even is a Two Launch Party?” I said to myself having breakfast in a schnazzy hotel Thursday morning munching on some bran flakes && mini croissants. Dacent.

Fiona & I. Do we fit in?
Fiona & I. Do we fit in?

It was the RTE Two launch party for their new season. Taking place to launch more season’s to add to current hit TV show’s such as of ‘Damo & Ivor’ && a show based on the life of the talented Kelly McDonagh ‘Meet The McDonagh’s‘ & many more! They were also launching many new series that are coming to the aul box soon, a week Monday in fact, including the series “Connected“. A show I am gratefully part of and was the only reason I was even there! I couldn’t be more grateful. A series that involves 6 real women, 6 cameras, in a ‘docusoap’ reality type format. Literally, we have all had our own camera’s and had to film our own lives, daily, ourselves. With the help of a friend here & there to help me out. Cheers you guys! It is down to the editors to make it look all fancy pance like it will on the telly. I am not able to do that… Just yet. This experience has made me want to learn though. About many things in fact. It has opened my eyes.

Standing next to people I have watched on Tele over the years? Strange experience yaw. Fantasmical all the same.

I actually sorta *croaked* when I saw Eamon Dumphey stroll by me at the party. As much as I complained to Granda & Da about watching him & the other presenters analyze a soccer game one had literally just watched, and repeat in detail each passing & touch of the ball for as long as I can remember? Seeing him actually made me flash back to my youth watching soccer with my family. Bressie attended also. He is a smart, talented, & generous man who plays a role as an ambassador with the charity “Cycle Against Suicide” (founded by entrepeneur Jim Breen.) Bressie has recently produced an album “Simple Things” which is a soundtrack, featuring many talented Irish Artists to help raise awareness in breaking the cycle of suicide, which is unfortunately in the rise in Ireland. It is amazing to see influential people like Bressie working with charities with this goal. Losing my dad to suicide & seeing so many people suffer before and definitely after the loss of someone involved in a suicide, is hopefully something that we can all become aware of & try to lessen then stop altogether.


On set creating the intro for Connected
On set creating the intro for Connected

I honestly smiled from ear to ear at this party. Therefore red lipstick got all over my crooked teeth. I finally felt comfortable in a large surrounding of people. Which usually doesn’t happen, I tend to get anxious & fear people might be looking me oddly, but at this party I didn’t get that feeling of anxiousness or  like I was ‘being watched’, but maybe that is just paranoia I feel sometimes? But still. Not feeling that for one night? Was comforting. I enjoyed myself and was actually proud of myself. For the first time in about 3/4 years? I was proud of myself. I missed that feeling. It’s great to have it back. I hope to make my dad proud with this show & show people who sadly may not feel it themselves, but that there is life after you have lost someone to suicide. Yes. It gets hard but there are people here to help. I sometimes even have to remind myself, and that is OK.

I had one 7 up & one Coca Cola. *Sugar High Dancing Took Place*. I don’t drink alcohol, not for ‘religious‘ nor ‘pioneer‘ reasons. I just well, I don’t drink. Still, I had the time of my life. My back/muscle pain made its take over by about 12:30. Something I am getting too used to unfortuently. Fiona, Hutchy, Oscar gladly accompanied me back to the hotel, not before we stopped off at the chipper though. You can get the munchies after a sober night out too. Trust me.

We conked, like a car that is running out of fuel. Slowly but surely.

Below is the Preview for the new season on RTE TWO!





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