Cheesey Enchilada’s. Is there any other way?

enchiladasedit.jpgIs there any meal a cheese lover loves more than Enchilada’s? I myself am a cheese lover. Cheese on bread, crackers, potatoes, pasta. Errthang. I love cheese.

Enchilada’s are a deliscious messy food. There is a bit of preperation needed. Using a Enchilada kit Old El Paso kit, chicken, vegetables & cheese makes the best Enchilada. First fry your chicken until cooked, add your veg, add your sauce & cheese and simmer throughplace all the mix into Wraps & pop them into a oven dish for 30 minutes. Cover in tomatoe sauce and top with as much cheese as desired.

Remeber there is already cheese in the mix! Add some Tortilla’s to the side to make sure you scoop up all the crispy cheesey bits in this messy dish.


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