Black Lace Dress

BeFunky_gsfnghosf.jpgThis dress was bought for me by a great friend as a random gift as we strolled through Penny’s. I said “oh preeeetty” & then she bought it for me without me knowing!

It’s a size 10 black dress, with lace detail all around the neck and collar bone area. I love the gothic dark look it has.  It is comfortable to wear if you are not comfortable with your body, as it is loose/flowy around the mid section. Perfect for a belly conscious girl like me & many others! €12 – Penny’s.

I am wearing black wedge heels from H & M which are very comfortable. Coming from a girl with back pain? I am being honest! I can last all night in them. The ball of your foot may feel the pressure eventually & if so? Get some stick on gel soles. €30 – H&M

My hair is in a bun with as many colourful flower clips as possible that I can put on my head. Something I have done for years & sometimes have as many as 20 flowers on my hair. It brightens up your day and your outfit. €2-5 – Pennys & Claires Accessories.


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