“House of Holland” fake nails!

BeFunky_S1610018 (2).jpgThese were the first fake nails I have ever tried. I never thought I would wear fake nails as I thought what if they annoy the shite out of me?! For the first day, they did. Like all things, took some getting used too. 

By day number 2? I kept clawing stuff, I turned into a animal! Really though. I loved them. They are easy to apply. You get a selection of 24 nails. You only have 10 finger nail’s! (I hope) Many to spare! I felt a lot more feminine wearing these nails.

The brand “House of Holland” have a variety of funky designs to choose from. These were just the ones that popped at me. Then I went online to see the other selections… Now I want them all! They have designs from monsters to vampire nails to even cute ass Christmas themed ones! Which I’m going to ask Santa for!

I honestly am surprised at how easy they are to get used too, I think if any girl finds it hard to grow their natural nails & want’s to have long ones for a while?? These ones are preeeety darn cool.




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