A short film “Pulse”

Acting, let’s give it a go. Yerra, why not.

A few friends of mine needed an actress for a film competition they were entering, “The 50 Hour Film Shoot“. The competition was running as part of the “Kerry Film Festival 2014“. Each group were given six lines of dialogue (I believe it was six, correct me if I am wrong?) that they had to incorporate into their film, which they had 50 hours in total to create. On Thursday morning they were given the 6 lines (again, correct me If I am wrong) & from there? They put themselves to work!

DSC_0019 - Copy - Copy
Getting the shots ready

My friend asked “…..up for a little acting tomorrow?My initial answer inside my crazy messed up head, was ; “YES! I WOULD LOVE TO TRY THAT!” Straight after that? My mind went into over-thinker Alanna mode “but but but what if you mess up? What if you are absolute smelly poop at acting? What if they don’t want to use you, but feel too bad to tell you & you ruin their whole film?!”” Again…Me and my “what if? what if? what if? Brain. Is. Stupid. Stupid Brain. I’d like to alter the way it works without anxiety, stress and nerves. But then I wouldn’t know the difference of how happiness, excitement & love feels would I? “Feck dis” I said. I want to do this! I have always wanted to try acting since a young age. Always. But… I was always scared to. I stuck to sports. Hobbies that I loved, but never really made me feel I was challenging myself. So I guess, now I am older? I am stronger (no physical muscles to prove this) “I almost got arrested today. Why? For having those guns!” . . .I want to over come my feelings of fear of failing. How can one fail, if one doesn’t don’t try?

DSC_2875 - Copy - Copy-2
“Hmm will I get one burger or two?!”

The short films were screened yesterday in the Brandon Hotel Conference Center in Tralee. I saw the finished product of “Pulse” after the crew stayed up late editing & from what I saw? Perfecting their project. I literally went “holy mother of crap bag” in my head while watching it. I mean I witnessed the recording, but the finished product with music, visual effects, && scenes cut together? Made it surreal. I was…fascinated.

I saw the other 3 films that were created by 3 other crews. They were unbelievable. Literally. I was blown away by the talented film makers in Kerry. I literally was in awe. It made me want to take part in these types of projects from here on out. Be it me ‘acting‘ or trying to become a film maker myself. No, I have no college degree to stand to me… But what I do have? Is being one of the six lucky women on RTE 2’s docu-soap 20 part series “CONNECTED”  where I got to learn about recording & the process of making a series. Holding a camera on yourself for 10 months? Helped me learn about being in front and behind the camera. I don’t know which is harder?!

After this little trial run of acting in a short film? I want to work with camera’s more than ever.

See The finished short film “Pulse”  below

(Plus some photo’s of the project courtesy of the crew themselves)


Thank you to the team who created this project, Rhiannon McNulty, Sam Breen, Orlaith Condon, Sheila Begley, Gavin Lyons, Martin Benson, Cieran Brassil for letting me be a part of this. Something I always wanted to try & you guys gave me the opportunity. Such a talented hard-working group of people. Thank you.



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