“WAH LONDON” fake nails

IBeFunky_S1640005.jpg choose these as I liked the whole feminine grunge look of them. I don’t particularly like pink. But I thought the whole effect was funky like a ducky. 

The packet of “WAH LONDON” nails came with double sided stickers you attach onto the nails themselves, therefore your nails don’t get damaged by nail glue. Smart idea, good idea, but I found it quite difficult to do so I stuck with my own nail glue that I have myself as…I have very little patience.

Just paint your nails with the nail glue, press on && hold for 5 seconds and boom. You have your own personal claw. Yay!

I love the look of these nails, but the practical side?… Doesn’t exist. 1, 2, 3 pairs of tights, gone. Putting on make up? Results in a poked watery eye that I had to wait to heal until I could continue, and baking? Well, that just is one to be avoided. “Banana nail cake” 

All in all : They look great but only if you live the life where you, yourself don’t have anything practical to do. Ever. If so? You need to take them off & go make yourself a sandwich. 




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