Jiggle on the waist… Be Gone.

What is it about junk food that makes us want to eat it?

I don’t know. But I freaking eat a lot of it. If you don’t? Fair play! I admire ya, go on, give yourself a pat on the back!

I was eating a Kimberly biscuit last night. There dacent aren’t they?! I enjoyed the crap out of that biscuit. *nom nom* But… I wondered… Why do I enjoy this sugary fatty food so much? WELL.ย Basically, it is tasty, it is sweet, it smells good & makes me happy. So why the fudge not? Well, because what is the after math? I feel sluggish, flumpy (yes like a marshmallow) & also know I have done damage to my waistline & my teeth. So why don’t I just not eat it and have, let’s say, crackers, fruit, vegetables that I like as much instead? I honestly don’t know. It’s like our mind is playing games with itself…Well Screw you! I’m going to win!

What is it in our brains that lead us to temptation, even though we know way in advance we will not be happy in the long run? I guess ‘enjoying life&& ‘treating yourself’. Are we really treating ourselves by damaging our bodies though? No. I believe otherwise. I believe we are feeding our emotions and our lifestyle habits.

Sometimes I am stuck in bed all day with back pain. It is oh so easy to make it through a full bag of peanut M & M’s if you are lying in your bed all day. Trust me. If I was out working in a clothing shop, or as a waitress? I wouldn’t have time to snack on things like this. So what have I learned from this epiphany? (after trying on my clothing from a year ago & not being able to fit it passed my thunder thighs) is that I need to keep busy. If i am stuck in bed for the day? I need to keep busy in bed. No..Not what your thinking.ย I need to read, to write for my blog, to start editing. All these? Can be done from my bed. So there we go. Next time I feel myself giving into temptation of eating 12 Custard Creamsย laying in bed at 3am wide awake? I will write. . . Maybe have some crackers…aaaand one custard cream. Let’s be honest, one ain’t so bad.

Do you think you eat out of boredom? Well if so. How great is it that instead of doing that? You can now come up with an idea to be more productive with your life? Be it watching a interesting historical film, reading a book, or even having some down town meditation time. Whatever your into eh? If it’s chains & whips that excite you? Please keep that to yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You.



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