My First ‘Music Video’ of Chapter 2

Now I say music video inverted comma’s as I did not plan this to create a music video. 

I literally saw that I had a lot of random footage o f the band ‘Chapter 2‘ on my laptop so I thought “sure I’ll see what I can do with this” and well I got the result below. Which is a video of them playing ‘Feel Good Inc.’ by The Gorillaz live, accompanied by random shots I had of them. 

After messing around with this? I would love to try to create a music video with an actual idea based around the lyrics of the song. For that? I will need actors. Hopefully in a month or so I will have an idea perfected && have a finished project to go with it. I only started to learn how to edit (if you can call it that just yet?) last week so I am excited that there is a lot more out there for me to learn.

Maybe I should give myself a deadline?



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