Well. Let’s lay it out there for you.

Here we have…pretty interesting questions about myself & certain topics I have answered honestly.


Black & White selfies are my favorite.
Black & White selfies are my favorite.

What age were you when you had your first Kiss? I was 17. I was mean to be 12…but I ran out of the Library bathroom where my first ‘meet‘ (that would be ‘shifting’ now) was planned. Oh my days. 

How many guy’s have you ever kissed?

6. 6 lovely guys.

Do you want to get married? Right now? No. I don’t know when I would be ready but not for a long long time. Maybe 10 15 years. Maybe. I don’t know does a piece of paper & a large event appeal to me. Makes me a bit anxious to be honest.

Where would you get married? Not in a church I hope. I link church’s with unhappy memories in my mind, funeral’s etc, and confirmations/communions that I had no idea why I was part taking in those. I didn’t even take the pledge. I fricking should have, wouldn’t have broken it, but my dad couldn’t miss Eastenders to give me a lift to the church. Maybe in a park, woods, beach. Or a shotgun wedding sounds fun.

Who is your celebrity Crush? Harry Styles & Jack O’Connell. Can I choose just one? I think … Harry. I think.

Would you ever get a divorce? Well yes, if unfortunately things went south. (not talking about his willy now lads, stop that) If our relationship was making the both of us unhappy? Of course I would. It would be sad, but we all know nothing lasts forever. In a good & bad sense of the phrase.

What is your favorite song right now? Taylor Swift – Blank Space. . . because it lets me leave the psycho girlfriend side of me that I never show out in the open for those 3/4 minutes. Not kidding.

What would you do if you could have your most desired relaxing day? Anything is possible kinda thing.? I would wake up first. (obviously Alanna) I then would have Fruit salad with yogurt. Go to the beach and run into the water with all my friends. Go for a walk with a boy down the beach. Maybe hold his hand, getting too kinky now. Go to a concert with my friends, One Direction, Taylor Swift, The Script, (something fun & lively & of course silly) I then would have some hot chocolate at home looking at the stars in a camp fire chair with all my friends around me singing along to music telling our favorite stories. Yup. Oh that sounds chillaxing.

photo 5Name your 5 favorite places and why? My bedroom, because it’s just me & my music & my laptop, that is relaxing for me. Sandy lane (Banna Beach), I used to walk here with my dad, where we went the day before he took his own life. New York City (south street seaport), I see me living here when all my dreams come true. Jebus…2 more. Hmm. I guess a live music venue. No place particular but live music venues, I get lost in concerts when there, I feel on a high. New Zealand, beacause my granny was born here and my dad promised me he would move there with me.

Where do you get your style inspirations from? I literally just get giving clothing my sister don’t want anymore, I also wear a lot of my dad’s old clothes because I didn’t want to give them away. So my usual is a baggy shirt/man’s woolly jumper with a pair of leggings, or on a night out with hot pants with funky tights. I love Rihanna’s & Little Mix style. I like the boyish look. 

Which is more important to you, family or friends? Both are on equal par. I love my family, they are the ones who will drag me out of a ditch I have sunk in to and cannot get out of, but if you have good friends, I have a good few of them, they will do the exact same as best as they can. So yeah. Equal par. Think it has to be that balanced way. They are a different kind of relationship for some people. But I am very close to many of my friends that they are my family.

If you could be anyone dead or alive for a day, who would you be && why? I would be… I would be…I gave myself a few hard questions I cannot even answer didn’t I…I would be my dad. I would be him now just to live life the way I feel I knew he did which was to be selfless, he was very giving and grateful for what he had. I think I have that trait, buuut I do think I may be more selfish at times than he ever could have possibly been. To see life through his eyes would open mine. I would probably slap the silly out of my head too as he was the only one who has truly had the best way of saying Everything is going to be OK to me.

What is your view on ‘One Night Stand’s’ ? All I can say on that matter is if you want too and your comfortable in the situation and safe? Do whatever the hell you want to do. Have sex with who you want. It’s your sex life. Your real friends won’t judge & talk about you behind your back. They will rip the piss out of you to your face though because they know it will make you laugh. Maybe not straight away….but eventually.

Have you ever had a One Night Stand? Nope. That’s not to say I wouldn’t. Not a clue really. In a relationship now so I cannot imagine. Never say Never.

Do you want kids? How many? Someday. Some very far far away day. That is if my back & hip problems clear up. Otherwise I fear I may give birth to a mutant baby with like 8 legs. *mind wanders* A spider baby…. I don’t want a spider baby… I would like a boy to name after my dad. (if the partner agree’s) Whatever else pop’s out of their is up to itself isn’t it.

If you could go on a date with a female who would that be? Feck. Am. I would go on a date with Taylor Swift. Not because I fancy her. (I fancy Rihanna) I would go to talk to her, she interests me and I adore her lyrics and the way the work, I am impressed by how artistic she is with them. Be it a meaningful or a fun silly song like Shake it Off. I think she is a smart lady.

What is your opinion on gay marriage? I dislike this question because it should just be what is your opinion on ‘marriage’ in general, marriage shouldn’t have a different title dependent on the sex of a person, marriage is marriage. Marriage is great, if you are truly true to yourself and the other person in your relationship. Marry who you love.

Do you think you are living life to your full potential? No. Not even to half of my potential. I am lazy. I have been lazy for too long. I think we can all do anything we want, just sometimes putting in the work and determination is something I lack in. I know I can do anything I really want to my physical ability at the moment (back pain). So now? I am going to put my all into this blog, singing, making myself stronger, being carefree & going for what I want. I got that Beyonce Diva feeling going on.

As Queen B would say, we are all #flawless




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