Christmas Time. What is it about?

What is Christmas time about?

My oldest friends && I Xmas 2013


Urban Dictionary says : (and I quote) ;

The celebration of the birth of commercialism… Oh yea, and Jesus
That’s what is happening over time regarding everything in society anyway though isn’t it?
Christmas is aboutcommercialism‘.
Successful Medicine (painkillers) ‘commercialism‘.
Having friends/having fun includes ‘commercialism ie. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. #blogger
‘Good Music’ needs ‘commercialism‘. Psssh tosh.
War is added to with ‘commercialism’ in a way, political groups are taking action so it can be viewed across the internet to scare people.
But yeah CHRISTMAS. I was wandering off onto another topic there, sorry about that, I have the attention span of OH A PONY!
Christmas to me is not all about Jesus. There I said it. I was not brought up going to Mass around Christmas time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I was greeted by presents from Santa Claus. Santa to me as a child was the Jesus to others.

So what is Christmas all about to me at the age of 21?
Fiona & I last year on a Xmas night out!

It is about spending time with people I am close to, mainly family, and then some friends/relatives I have not seen in a while. 

Eating food.
Wishing I could play poker so I could play it with everyone, but I have accepted that will never happen…I’ve failed many times… 
Watching a animated movie. My favorite part! (while eating Roses)
Eat more food.
Watching a serious/action movie. (while eating Heroes)
Watching members of the family slowly get more drunk and making them sandwiches at 2 am (That Turkey and Ham do)
Going to sleep looking at all the pictures people put up online and end the night before falling into a food filled sleep, and being thankful for who I still have with me in this world.
I got sad the last 2 Christmas’s without my dad. Understandable?
I think so, I am guessing losing your dad at 18 and not having another Xmas with him will take a while to get over?? && I am OK with that. I know that healing takes time.
This year I will try enjoy myself even more because that’s all he wanted for me.
To be happy.
That, can be his present this year.

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