Christmas 2014


Aaaand ‘s it’s over for another year!

I had a great Christmas day. I truly did. Boo-yaka-sha!

This was the 3rd Christmas without my dad. The last 2?  I was sad. I was broken. Very broken. Sad without him there to wake up Christmas morning, I guess getting used to the idea that I will never get to buy him another Christmas gift? Or laugh to Father Ted with him && my brother again? is the thing I will miss the most. The simple things.

Many friends & family reminded me countless times to be grateful for who I do have and who is still around me. To be happy myself, for my dad, as that’s all he ever wanted. I tried hard to apply it this year and I succeeded. I am surprised & proud of myself for not crying this Christmas. Weird thing to say, why not just not cry? That was hard the last 2 years, it was new, fresh on the mind, but this year I didn’t shrug it off and say ‘I’ll try’ hurting inside knowing that was a lie, like I had done for the last 2 years. Apologies to you all. I actually was very grateful and had a fantasmical time. Thanks for the advice!

I got some amazing gifts. All with much thought, I felt very loved. People are sweet & generous at this time. I ate too much, realized this, then ate some more. I even ate some cold roast potatoes as if they were apples at 12 that night. Strange things we humans do.

I hope you all enjoyed your day, and remember you can still enjoy yourself even if you have lost someone, as that is all they would want for you.

Here’s some pictures below of my Christmas 🙂




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