Today is the day where everyone says ;

“New Year, New Beginnings”

You know I don’t know how to describe my year of 2014. There were many great things && I’m going to focus on those. I moved into a new home, I now have a home. A real home. Which I did worry about for a while but we all have a lot more up’s than we do downs, I went from living with one other person to 5 people, difficult yes, but I’m coping. I met many people this year. Amazing kind, caring people, who truly supported me and were there for me whenever I needed them. I took part in a Documentary/Reality Series thanks to them & that was aired on RTE 2. Wow. The team that created that show are such generous people. That is just still such a gift to me. I had my family from America & England over in the Summer. My brother got engaged. I met my Granddad a lot more, I enjoy our weekly conversations now. Where as before my dad passed away? We were not on speaking terms for 2 years. Him passing brought us closer together. I had a nice Christmas. I enjoyed the day and spent it with the family I do have, lovely generous mad b*stards.                                                                                                        

It was great, yes it was. Fantastic even. Looking back now writing this? It was unbelievable!

How was I so lucky to receive everything I did? Many free hotel stays, a fancy schmancy camera to keep, great experiences, great people, fun times, sad times, great times. 

This year will be better. If possible.

Hutchy && I ❤


Some ‘Resolutions’ (that I’ll fail) && some goals ;

  • Eat Healthier. If you all saw my daily diet segment on this blog? You’ll see why. Just eat more fruit & stop binging on sweeties. Cook More. Hummus & Bread-sticks for snacks!
  • Pass my theory test & get my 12 lessons. Buy a car?
  • Be happy.
  • Stand up for what I believe in (once I have something to back it up)
  • Read up on history. Keep up with the news. I live in this world and want to know what is going on in it.
  • Travel. To England, America, Germany, France. *fingers crossed*
  • Get a job I love to do.
  • Create more YouTube Videos. One a week.
  • Sing more. Write some sings. Perform live. Buy a microphone.
  • Say ‘Yes’ && ‘No’. Easy words to say.
  • Exercise more. Go to the gym/swimming in my own time when I need to go, to gain strength in my back/glutes as the muscles are deteriorating. 
  • See my family more, I barely saw my nephews, aunt/ uncle, siblings, cousins this year. Change will happen!
  • Be generous, Give to others, treat others. Treat others how you wish to be treated. 

Well, that will do for now. I’ll check back with this post next year & refer to it and see how it went. 

Excited to see how it goes now 🙂 

Happy New Year, 2015.

x. o. be you .o .x




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