I don’t have enough of it. Do you?

None of us can have enough time if we are trying to do as much as we can to get to where we want too in life. “I need more time I say” Really the thing is I/We need to organize our time better.

There is something no one can buy, that is time. So balance is what’s necessary, I find that trick difficult.

I realized what my goal career is for now, what I want to be, what I want to do, that is something I have felt like I never knew before. ย What is it?

A blogger/vlogger/mental health activist/singer. Bit mad? Un-Realistic? It’s what I want to be. So many things in life happen that you never thought would happen so why wouldn’t your dreams come true? Yes I ‘blog‘ now, but I want it to be my career and I want to do as much as possible to make that happen. What do I need for that to happen? To put time into work for it. I have not been doing so.

I am creating a schedule now. For time during the week where I write stories, edit videos, write about topics I feel we can all learn from/debate about/discuss. So yes, I shall treat it as my little project/job. Pay-less job, for now. Someday it will be my career.


So I think we all need to put more time into our own path’s.

If you want to have an amazing healthy body? You need to put TIME & WORK into it & plan. That is to your Physical capability, if you have health/physical issues just figure out what works best for you to keep fit. Mind or Body. (this is a plan I am writing up tomorrow and will post it too)

If you want a certain career? You have to climb your way up the ladder by doing what you need to do on a lower level before you get there. You need to make all the jigsaw pieces fit. Eventually you can get to where you want to be if you are FOCUSED. (Working on that one, give me time ;))

If you want to travel? You need to work & save every bit of that money, rather than spend it on little silly bits that won’t make up for the experiences you can miss from having no money. A mistake I made many a time, I have spent money on such silly things over the years that now I am regretful of all those clothes/DVD’s I could have gone without, so I could travel. Mind you I have hit up Canada, America & England. Not so bad. New Zealand, Germany & Scotland here I come!

So the point of this post is to egg you on to be your best self! Make time for you, yourself! If your friends & family are there to support you? They will support you through all the work you are doing & be there for you. I am not saying if you make enough time for everything it WILL happen. Who know’s? At least that way you have more of a chance to get to where you want to be as you have done more work.ย 

But remember to enjoy life & treat yourself/others too. Whichever you prefer.



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