Lucky Life.

I’m very lucky.

In many ways. 

I’m very grateful for how lucky I am. When times get tough for me? I complain. A lot of the time it is to my Twitter timeline, I know no one can help me with the pain itself at that moment, I don’t want to ruin someones day by making them listen to me blabbering on about something they wish they could help with, but can’t. After a while? I imagine listening to myself complaining? I look back on my Twitter feed and even I get annoyed at what I sound like. ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah‘ I wish to complain less. I am not the worst (I hope) but, how is complaining going to help anything? It’s not. It makes you angry, frustrated and then results in being upset. Maybe a vent here and there. Instead of complaining? I’ll try harder to fond a solution to better the issue.

Recently. I guess by that, I mean the past 3 years. I have realized things could be a lot worse. I have supportive friends, family, even some strangers are very supportive for information I look for on Twitter etc. The internet is not all bad. What is the opposite of a online Troll? I am glad I have many people to turn too. It does help to talk to people. As much I believe we are all mad, strange and hypocritical beings, myself included of course, we are still the ones who make this world what it is, which is pretty darn impressive. Well done all you People! 

I have back pain and it gets me down. At the same time it could be a lot worse *touch wood*. (who made up this touch wood habit? A master of superstition? ) I have good eyesight, hearing, I can still wobble around to get to where I need to be, && on good days? Even exercise. I can learn, read & write, travel. I don’t have any illness that makes me get sick, that leaves me in hospital for weeks on end, that causes my family to be on hand constantly for care. I can cope and that is great.

I have actually had a very privileged life. I grew up in a lovely home, with a lovely family, had my friends up the road we used to play with, I played a lot of sports, I was good, I got gear bought for me, I won competitions, I had sleepovers, I was OK at school,  I has school plays, my cousins from America & England visited every Summer, they were the best of times, a house full of family making home videos and playing games. Times got tough sometimes. Like all families, we fought, I was temperamental, I broke things, my dad broke things, my parents split up, mom moved out with my sister, mom got sick, she passed away, I went to secondary school, that was…ok, I won more sport competitions, I texted a few guys, I  done my leaving cert, not well, but still I passed, I had an eating disorder, I went to college for a year, made great friends, I dropped out, I worked, loved my job, started dancing, my dad passed, I moved 6 times, I went back to work, got my own apartment at 18 on my own, got a new job, great money, back pain started, quit job, I went to America, I participated in Connected for the tele, now I’m here. Actually pretty great experience over all. It really could be a lot worse. 

Life is good. I must appreciate it more.

I am Lucky.

Are you?



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