My 5 Favorite Chocolate Bars

I love Chocolate. I love it best when it’s been in the fridge and is cold with a cup of tea!

Trying to pick my 5 Favorite was actually quite tough, there’s a lot of nice bars out there. I guess I ought to do a ‘5 Favorite Chocolate Sweets’ too? As Smarties need some more recognition don’t you believe? Malteasers are fair good too. Stay tuned!

– Dairy Milk ‘Turkish Delight’ –

Turkish Delight was one of my mom’s favorite bars, so there was always a bar around the house when I was younger. I always enjoyed them and now they are my #1 favorite. There not for everyone, but I love the Turkish Delight Filling with the milk chocolate Coating. I love plain Dairy Milk’s but this adds something more so it’s not as boring I guess you could say!



– Crunchie –

“Get that Friday feeling” with a Crunchie! Definitely a favorite Classic among many chocolate lovers. It’s the right amount of sweet and full of Golden Honeycomb goodness. I tend to eat it by layers. Biting off the chocolate coating on the outside to get to the center. So please don’t mistake me for a rabbit if you see me eating one.



– Aero Mint –

You can get an Aero bar in Original, Orange or Mint. Mint is my over all winner for sure. How about you? It is a bubbly chocolate that melts in your mouth. I used to like the full square pieces shape of the bar they had when I was younger, but now it is made up of 8 small square pieces, still, yummy minty light chocolate.



 – Time Out –

Who remembers these? There the best! I think they disappeared for a while and then re appeared again. They are the BEST bar to have with a cup of tea. They are handy for sharing too as you get two pieces. Like a Twix & Kit Kat below. It is made up of layers of wafer and rippling chocolate. It has a light biscuit texture which is why it great for dunking! I dare you to Dunk!


download (1)


– Kit Kat –

Ah the aul Kit Kat. “Have a break, Have a Kit Kat” the famous quote in relation to the bar. I think we all love Kit Kat’s. Am I right? A lunch box favorite. Again they are one of those bars like the Crunchie that I eat layer by layer & nibble away on. I know I am not the only one who does that with a Kit Kat. You can get a two or a four finger Kit Kat individually wrapped. Depending on how much you want.

download (2)


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