My 5 Favourite Films

I like a lot of movie genres, comedies, drama’s, romantic (if not too full of cheddar cheese), dance (but not musicals), war/historic, adventure, action, disaster, cartoon (animated movies).

I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi, Westerns, Horrors, Thrillers, British Drama Films, Gangster films (they are great but the gorey murder/torture scenes are hard for me to watch, I end up looking away for half the film).

I have 5 favorite films listed below. There not Oscar nominated films, but they are my favorite as I remember watching them all of them at specific times in my life for specific reasons and they remind me of growing up.

– Save The Last Dance –


This film came out in 2001 when I was 8. My mom loved this movie, she loved dance films herself, Dirty Dancing etc. I watched this film countless times with her. I was inspired at a young age by the determination the female character had regarding battling through her fails and then to reach her goals, && I also had a major Crush on Sean Patrick Thomas, the lead male actor. I thought he had an amazing smile. I loved the music in the film, I made up my own dance routines to the songs & tried to re-create her final dance piece, when I was 8. When my mom passed away? I watched this film again & again, I cried a lot, at 11 years old watching this film made me feel she was still here with me, as I felt like it was something we watched together. The mother of the female character passed away at the beginning of the film, so I felt like I related to her then. 

 – Titanic –

download (1)

This film is directed by James Cameron and was released in 1997. I adore it. I really do. I have watched it countless times, and I could re-watch it again and again. This is a film where I was in awe of the chemistry between the two main characters Jack & Rose, Leonardo DeCaprio & Kate Winslet, when I was younger that film made me believe in real love. The fact that it is set against the maiden voyage of the Titanic adds a very interesting element to the film. It is a fiction story set against a true tragedy which is something I rarely see. Usually films are based on a true story or are completely fictional, so I like how this film works the two components together. A great disaster film with a love story that proves you don’t have to come from the same background to fall in love.

 – 10 Things I Hate About You –

download (2)

This film stars Heath Ledger & Julia Styles (the actress from Save The Last Dance above). It is a romantic comedy, that came out in 1999. I think I first saw this film when I was 12. A new kid at school pays a tough guy to date the ‘mean girl‘ of the school, as the only way he can date her younger sister, is if she has a date also (her father made the rule & didn’t think it possible). It turns out the tough guy who is paid? Is surprisingly taken aback by this girl and her ‘mean streak‘ and falls for her. I like how this film proves you shouldn’t judge someone before you get to know them. When I was 12/13, I always thought people believed I was a bit ‘odd, very quiet, a bit strange’. But once people got to know me, I think they saw the other side of me. I always hoped I would have a relationship like theirs, when I was a young teenager who was too nervous to go kissing boys that is.

 – Step Up 2 ‘The Streets’ –


Ah, the Step Up movies. This one is by far my favorite. It is the one that inspired me to dance more, to be creative, to then join a dance school. The film came out in 2008 when I was 15. I saw this as way more than just another dance film. I saw it as an inspirational film, it included many great songs, that I could dance to at home and create routines, amazingly talented fit dancers, that have obviously worked really hard to appear in the film and showcase their skills, and it portrayed determination & dedication in something one is passionate about. That is something I related to a few years back when I played sports, this film inspired to me to keep going and try new things. At 15, I was very influential and this film gave me hope that someday I would dance publicly, that happened a year or two later. 

 – The Last Song –


I know I know, your reading this going ‘How is this one of your favorite films?’. Simples. Relate-able. I read the book first, then I saw the film. It’s about a young rebellious, emotional girl, going through a grunge phase. That was me 5 years ago. Her parents split up, she had a strong relationship with her father by the end of the film. They became closer through music. She played piano & sang, he always persuaded her to try again. She was shy and quiet but had a lot of thoughts and emotions. When she fell in love? She truly became her happy self. Her father passed away by the end of the film and that is why it is so relate-table for me. At the end she smiles as the sun shines through the window down on her while she was singing, he said before he passed that’s how she’ll know he is always with her, that light shining down is him. I feel the same regarding my own father, that he is still with me, and that is why this is one of my favorite films.

 What are your 5 Favorite Films?


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