Apache Pizza

Apache Pizza
Apache Pizza

I don’t get take away often. Recently I have been getting maybe one every 2 weeks now as a little treat to myself. Getting food already made delivered to your door? To be honest is pretty darn cool, and handy. I don’t get it often, because for one person I usually find the portions too much. A take away of a Chinese, or a large pizza need to be shared so I guess I would get it more often if I went halves.

This time I ordered a personal pizza for €6 && it was delicious. I believe it is a 7 inch pizza which does one person just right. I got BBQ sauce on the base, Cajun chicken & pepperoni. I also had a garlic dip for the crusts. I’m sure its not just me who does this.

I would definitely order Apache a lot as it is really nice pizza and when getting the bigger pizza’s? It is much better value so it is great if you are having a pizza party. Mmmm Pizza Party.


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