How can you make yourself ‘Be Happy’?

I don’t have a direct answer to this question, nor do I believe there is one (as much as I wish possible)

I do however have some advice on how to be happier, even if not entirely ‘Happy‘.

I hope to apply some advice of my own after I finish this post. Sometimes when I do listen to myself…it actually works!

Be who you are.

State what you believe in & your honest opinion when conversing with people. Let the real you shine through. How will anyone know the real you or believe anything you ever say if you are constantly contradicting yourself? There is no shame in saying what you believe in, you might even gain more respect and have more people listen to what you have to say.

Go after your dreams. If you are stuck in a rut? Be it your job, your relationship, your family life, an illness, money issues. Go after your dreams as best as you can with what you have. If you only have little free time? Use that to work on your dreams! You may never get there, yeah, if there wild dreams, but you might. Imagine that! The more work you do, even if only a small bit, gets you that little bit closer doesn’t it? Any progress is still progress. Believe in yourself and you’ll go as far as you possibly can.

If you feel lonely and you want to talk to someone? Do, there will always be someone who wants the same and will talk back. I promise that. Be it a stranger on their own in a coffee store, someone on Facebook, or someone in your workplace/college etc. If you work best on your own? && like to have your own time to walk, think things over yourself?  Then do that too. Talking to people about your problems is quite refreshing, it gets things off your mind and you feel lighter if you have someone listen to you for a while. If its something really important? Just be sure its someone you trust.

downloadSmile. I know, it might sound silly. I have tried it, some mornings (when I remember) the first thing I do straight away is smile, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and smile. It makes you feel silly so obviously your then going to smile & laugh. A brilliant method.

Do something for yourself in your own time everyday. Be it having a cup of tea & your favorite chocolate bar to listening to your favorite song or sleeping in an extra 20 minutes. Do something just for you!

Have goals.! I went through a period of about 4-5 months of nothing to work/aspire towards and I got to the stage of “What is the point?!” and then I kicked myself up my Anaconda behind && created some goals. Act in  short film, upload singing videos to You-tube, go on a trip, get a job, write as many songs as possible, try new foods, buy my own house. Now I have a lot of thing I have to work on so I always have something to keep me busy/motivated. Reaching your goals makes you happy! I’ve experienced it.

What makes you Happy?

This song below is a song that makes me feel happy right now

Why? It makes me feel all happy about my relationship && the boy I am in love with 🙂 ❤


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