My 5 Favourite TV Series

Everyone has a favourite TV Series. Be it a soap, sitcom, drama, cartoon, cookery, reality show etc.

I wanted to write about my top 5 Favourite TV Series, but it was very tough. I had a list of about 13-14 shows chosen, but I had to narrow it down to just 5. There are many good TV series out there, so the way I decided my top 5 was by choosing the series I would watch repeatedly and still enjoy and watch at all hours. Some of the other series I could have chosen were great productions and very interesting, yet I wouldn’t always be in the mood to watch them. So here are my choices.

– Father Ted –



Father Ted is a sitcom that stars a Irish cast. There was 3 Series & a Christmas special. The show is about 3 priests, Father Ted, Father Dougal, and Father Jack who all live together on Craggy Island, a remote Island off the west coast of Ireland with housekeeper Mrs.Doyle. They were banished there by Bishop Brennan as punishment for different incidents in their past. We follow their hilarious misadventures they get themselves into. The thing that makes this show priceless is that they are the furthest thing you can imagine of what a priest ‘should’ be like. 

– Friends –



Friends is a American Sitcom about 6 Friends living in Manhattan. There was 10 series that aired over the space of 10 years. Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica && Phoebe are the main Characters. Rachel and Ross have a complicated relationship over the series, which is where the quote “we were on a break” has become well know from, but each live their own lives throughout the series, while Ross is always a little hung up on Rachel. Joey is an actor & a ladies man, “how you doin?“, Phoebe is one of the most individual free spirited characters with a love of funny song writing : “Smelly Cat”. Monica is a neat freak & is Ross’s younger sister, there is a constant joke about her being overweight when she was younger that always creeps up on her, and she eventually gets with Chandler, who is funny in his own sarcastic way.

– Love Hate –



Love/Hate, a show I love to love. It is an Irish Crime/Drama, based & filmed in Dublin. There is 5 Seasons and it premiered in October 2010. There is a strong theme of violence & crime in relation to Dublin’s underground crime scene. There is a lot of drug trafficking, which is gang related, which is the industry that the all the main characters work in, which results in violence as they all cross each other, murders take place & black mail begins. It shows the psychological factors the stress of the violence and does to the characters as they literally go mad with power/fear throughout the series as they cross each other & run from the law. It is very captivating and hard not to watch once you get sucked in.

– Girls –



Girls is an American Comedy/Drama that first aired in April 2012 and is now on it’s 5th Season. It follows a close group of twenty something year old’s who live in New York City. It was created/written/produced by ‘Lena Dunham’, who is one of the main characters and most of her characters stories were inspired by her real life experiences. Hannah is a narcissist & an aspiring writer, Marnie is quite up tight & responsible but then explores her musical & more relaxing side in the later series, Jessa is a bohemian babe who is unpredictable and has strong opinions yet is very free spirited & has a stint in Rehab, Shoshanna is Jessa’s cousin and is a Math Major who is bubbly and naive, she is the one in the group who tends to bring everyone back down to earth and make them all understand what really matters.

– King Of Queens –



King of Queens is an American Sitcom that was aired from 1998 to 2007, but still airs repeats on various channels. Doug and Carrie Heffernan are a working class married couple, Carrie’s over the top father ‘Arthur‘ also lives with them. Doug is a delivery man && Carrie is a legal secretary. We follow their day to day lives as they fight over Carrie’s father and his crazy demands, and the white lies they tell each other always turn out bigger & a lot worse than expected which unravels in a funny manner with Doug always being the one who screws up the most and which angers Carrie. Together they make a great couple but when they fight? It is always done so in a very funny manner. A nice easy to watch sitcom that always has me in stitches!

So there we have it, my 5 Favourite TV Series. What are yours? I promise you, it is harder than you think to narrow down the many great series that are out there.


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