Mental Health Awareness | Walk For Life

“Walk 4 Life” will be a 5k Charity walk in Tralee, on Saturday, the 25th April to help create more mental health awareness and provide awareness of suicide prevention. It’s helping to raise awareness of the available help there is in Kerry, which some people may not know about, which is why attending this event will be a informative & positive movement Tralee, maybe even all over Kerry and Ireland for Mental Health Awareness!

All proceeds from the event will be going to Walk For life’s chosen charities, which are listed here :

(Included along side are the Websites for the Organisations)

There will be guest speakers and a surprise guest to cut the Ribbon at the Starting line, plus more on the night itself. Online Registration is open and costs €10, but remember it goes to charity and helps keep awareness going so why not?! Gather some friends and make an evening of it.

Click the picture or the following link to Register : Walk For Life 5k – 2015 Registration



Visit the Walk For Life Facebook Page to learn more about the event, including the chosen route which begins at The Wetlands in Tralee and they will answer your questions!

This will be my first time part taking in a Charity Walk and hopefully not my last. I believe some friends of mine will be attending too so we will have a nice evening and at the same time will be learning & helping raise awareness for mental health issues. The money raised will be helping these great charities, so hopefully there will be more help on offer for those suffering.

When someone is suffering from Mental Health issues? Sometimes it is hard to see. It is hard to understand, due to the fact many of the illnesses don’t show any physical signs, not at an early stage anyway. For those suffering? You might find it hard to even recognize that you are suffering, not until times get really tough and all the pieces then fit together. I hope the fact that there are now many charities raising awareness and people who have, or are suffering are telling their personal stories, will help others recognize and observe how you or your friends/families/work colleagues mental health is. Sometimes other people notice before you do. Don’t you agree? These organisations are helping us learn about how to approach mental health issues, as it is a sensitive subject, along with all other illnesses.

Times have changed recently, a lot more people are becoming more understanding of people when they say they are anxious, feeling low, stressed, having strange thoughts, feel grief, or just ‘don’t feel themselves’. We are learning and recognizing that those few signs I mentioned, could be because someones mental health is suffering, and I think the more awareness there is and the more people that share their stories, that we will all learn from each other and hopefully will in turn, lower the suicide rate.

I myself believe everyone knows or has heard of someone suffering from mental health issues. Therefore we all know there is a high percentage of people suffering. I myself lost my father to suicide, which is one of the many reasons I want to support this walk. I have read many peoples stories online, and heard some sporting stars/celebrities and other well known people share their stories, as they know people will hear them, as they are inspirations to many. I am very happy they have done so, as I am sure it has inspired many people to tell someone, be it a friend, family member, or doctor/counselor that they feel they need and are going to get help in the way that suits them, as they have now witnessed these inspirational figures overcome their struggles. You might see there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you too! If you feel you don’t want to talk to someone you know personally? That is why these charities exist, to help those who need help. 

 So let’s all get our walking shoe’s (most likely a pair of aul runners, hopefully not too far back in the wardrobe) on and help raise awareness with this WALK FOR LIFE!


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  1. Thanks very much for your time and effort to write a blog about walk 4 life it was an amazing ready and I’ll give it a share there today on our Facebook page thanks

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