“Skinny Vs. Toned” Regarding Women.

A few years back being “Skinny” was what many women, from young girls to middle aged women & above wanted to be. “Had” to be even, to be successful in their eyes. Fad diets of all sorts, skinny pills, even skinny water was all the craze! Skinny Water? They were marketing Water now?! Something you need to have everyday was seen as something to get you Skinny? You couldn’t get away from it.

Now? It seems like being toned & fit, is the way to be. 

I see this as a very positive Movement.

Many women are not trying to starve themselves anymore to get the body they wish they had, but are treating themselves with care and are including healthy foods & nutritional drinks in their diets, rather than skipping meals && living day by day snacking on little fruit & coffee to get Skinny.

photo (12)
I Exercise when my Back is feeling OK. It always makes me feel good.

There are many women taking protein shakes out there before/after work-outs. I don’t know much about these supplements, but as long as they are cleared by your doctors and you are doing the training to make it pay off? Then that is OK. I myself wouldn’t take these but I know many shops sell them. Many women are paying a lot more attention to what they need to have to gather energy and to make their body feel good for the day.

Many women are trying to get fit, there are many marathon’s taking place, there is definitely more of a focus on “being fit” on social Media sites, especially Instagram. I have come across many women sharing their weight-loss transitions, all for the positive, && they have many people leaving supportive comments. They have lost all their excess weight and turned what’s left into muscle & are aspiring other women and working together and sharing advice. Which is a good thing! As long as you are doing all the exercises in the correct way & are not taking anything with unknown Ingredients? Then keep it up.!

There is a negative side to trying to get fit/lose weight etc though. Many people can become addicted and obsessive over what they eat and when they exercise, and all they think about is their Body Image. Then it begins to have an impact on someone’s own life, and those around them unfortunately. If you start over analyzing all calories & get frustrated when you can’t even get that 20 minute daily power walk in? Or are starving & get very anxious when there is no food your ‘allowed’ around and starve yourself? Then you may notice yourself you are not taking care of your mental health regarding this “get fit/lose weight” mode.

I relate to all this, as about 4 years ago I decided I was going to “get the body I want” and once I reached that? I didn’t really know what to do then? I didn’t know how to maintain the body and still live a bit more and keep good habits going. So I kept exercising and eating “really healthy” (not enough for all the exercise), I became obsessed and I developed Anorexia. I hit 6 & a 1/2 stone before I saw myself for what I was. A spaced out faintly Skeleton. It took me to get to that stage to realize I had a problem. How? How did it take me that long to realize? I was addicted to exercise & eating well that I literally only focused on that in my life. I forgot about everything else. So if you recognize an obsession? Get help & advice sooner than later.

So if you are beginning a weight-loss or just a get fit journey? Remember to do it safely. Monitor yourself and even get some advice from your Doctor or a friend who has been through the same thing and has succeeded on getting to their Ultimate Goal in a healthy Manner. Remember to take care of yourself!

Remember to contact your doctor if you have any questions regarding : Diet, Eating Disorders, Weightloss, Exercise etc. As this blog is just for personal expression & thoughts.

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