Suicide : A Small View regarding a Big Topic.

Moving on with life after you lose a loved one is a darn hard thing one may unfortunately have to go through in life.

Suicide for the sufferer is an act of escapism. They escape their psychological (also, maybe physical) pain forever. They made that final decision them-self, to finally feel ‘free’ as they feel there is no other choice. They let out a little *sigh of relief* at the thought. At the time the usual feelings of a suicidal person are stress, guilt, loneliness, pain, && over all, seeing no way to make things better. (among many other things) 

What happens when they are gone forever? They pass all of their emotions/feeling’s onto others left behind. They now feel angry, stressed, lonely, full of pain and confusion. They feel all the things you felt. They will forever want you back and wish they could have helped you more, given you advice, or just held you through the pain. They will forever remember you, but will have guilt or anger floating around from time to time.

So what is my conclusion to these words? If your having suicidal thoughts? If you realize you don’t want to hurt the most important people in your life, but feel it’s the only option? Ask for help. Give it a go for you, give yourself a second chance at life. You might think ‘I can’t’ ‘I don’t have the strength to battle this any longer’ ‘I am a burden always being like this around people’, just imagine if you told someone how you TRULY feel. They will want to help you so much, even a group of people can help you, they will feel so much pain if you take your own life. If you feel you are alone and you have no one at all to turn to? Maybe you don’t have the biggest social circle? Seek professional help for sure, they will set you up with a productive lifestyle to get you back on track. You will learn how to be motivated once again, in time.

If you notice someone suffering? Offer some help, prevention is key.

Stay Strong. It won’t be long. Before you smile. Just wait a little While.


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