1 Year. 2 Years. How many more?

I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful man for nearly 2 & a half years now.

Wow. That’s a long time, to me anyway. Recently, I have thought about something a lot, as the issue has been mentioned by a few people. Maybe you have too?

What will ye do when he finishes college? As in, do we move together if one moves away? Do we make plans together etc? The thought that things may change? Scares the bejesus out of me. Srsly. Everything changes daily in general anyway, but for a while…I forgot so do relationships.

As I have grown up? I learned & realized things can change drastically from one day to the other, with and/or without plans. Trust me. So there is no plan I can make for now, for a few months down the line, nor for 5 years down the line. As anything could pop up && change them forever.

He reminded me of all of this, as I got worried about the future. That we can’t tell what the future holds regarding everything, work, life, health, money, etc. I thought about the idea of a big change, and it scared me, the idea of him/me moving away, me getting a job somewhere far away, him moving country. Anything. Anything could happen. Relationships can be full of love and laughter, but they can also be full of fear. Fear of losing someone you care deeply for.

But while your in a relationship? From my experience, recently I think that thinking to far into the future? Is not an option for me, as I could destroy all the good things that are happening in the present. And why ruin a good thing for something that may/never happen?ย 




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