Baggy Clothing. Fashion or Body Conscious?

I love baggy clothing. From a pair of baggy trackie bottoms, to a man’s over sized shirt.

Why do I love them? The most important reason is that is what I am most comfortable in wearing. I usually change it up though, I go from hot pants to trackies, to a body hugging dress to a skirt. Lately? I have not. I am not comfortable in clothing that actually fits my body right now. Figure hugging dresses? *Shivers at the thought* Have not left my wardrobe since last Summer. I am not comfortable in my own skin.

I’m embarrassed of my body at the moment. I used to wear belly tops, whatever I wanted. I think the main reasons I feel low about my body is because I am angry at my body, for having fybromyalgia. My ankles and arms swell, my muscles become inflamed & I see the swelling clearly. It’s not too noticeable for others. To me? I see it crystal clear, as I notice the differences in my body.Β 

I will to learn to accept that this happens to me, to learn that yes one day may be a bad flare up, & for the following week I may have swelling in random joints and my socks may cut into my swollen ankles. I need to learn how to accept that and learn to dress myself for those days as I really do like my own sense of style.

As lately? I have been wearing baggy shorts and jerseys as a way of hiding my body, not just for comfort reasons, and that, makes me feel low about my body image.Β 

I will accept who I am, my body, and what I look like with some work and then I can wear what I want to wear and express myself through my clothing again. As this is my body and I should love it.!


2 thoughts on “Baggy Clothing. Fashion or Body Conscious?

  1. Beautiful, wear whatever you please; rather, whatever pleases YOU. You are lovely. Living with chronic pain saps you of more than just physical energy … it can be emotionally and mentally draining as well. And, that’s often harder to recover from than the pain itself. I send you happy and healing thoughts with best wishes for you to see the beauty in you EVERY day. ❀

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