Music. It makes you feel.

Sometimes. I feel empty. I feel numb. I feel nothing.

Doesn’t sound great does it? But don’t worry about me. I figured out how to cope with that when it happens.

You wanna know how?

I sing/dance along with music.ย Be it me sounding good or like a croaking bird in the early hours.

A happy, sad, funky, song. Which ever I choose? I sing along && I feel again.

For such a long time, I felt like there was nothing I could do to feel anything again. When the feeling of hopelessness became over powering? I finally found what I had to do to feel again. That is open up Youtube, search and sing along to everything I can find. Doing this makes me feel all emotions possible, depending on the song choice. I feel more alive after I do so, sounds as cheesy as a wotsit but its true.

At the moment here are the top song’s I like to sing/ dance along too.



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