Black && White Photo.

I took this photo below this morning.

It is of me with my hair naturally thrown up in it’s natural state, a bit messy && a bit curly, plus some really quick simple make up.

Afterwards I dried & straightened it. I disliked it even more. I wanted to wash it again to get my natural curls back. I put on more make up, ie. lip stick, blusher, foundation etc and fussed over that as I couldn’t get it right and took that off.

This made me realize I should learn to like me, for me. For me there is no need for hair products nor stressful make up challenges on a day to day basis anymore. Others are different, but I thought that make up would make me happier. Maybe I’ll leave hair & make-up for events for now. 

I am finally happy being me regarding my image. There are certain things about my body I dislike, but none that make me have low self esteem anymore. I worked on learning to love me for me and it helped an awful lot once I accepted there are thing’s I cannot change, and do not want to change, as they make me who I am.

I think this show’s that if you try to accept yourself for who you are, you can be happy with yourself. For you to have confidence? You have to create it and work on it. You have to be proud of yourself.

There is only one of you!



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