A Cycle a Day.

Enjoying the Sunshine

I was thinking about the beach today as it is a beautiful day. My usual means of transport is my dad’s trusty bike, so I tested myself on a cycle, to see would I be able to make it to Banna beach someday myself.

Ardfert is 10 km away. Banna beach is another 3 km, over && back. I decided I’d just cycle to Ardfert for an ice cream today, and if the cycle over & back isn’t too bad? I’ll go & spend the day at Banna with a packed lunch and a book another day.

It was a lovely cycle, a few hills, but then again, a few hills means some free wheeling is involved in one direction so that’s a plus. I stopped twice on the way out and on the way back in to stretch out my legs, have a breather and a slug of water.ย 

509470375 (1)
Ardfert Town

When I got to Ardfert? I was proud I made it there easily. I got a loop the loop to cool me down & walked about the small town. The way back was much easier. Maybe because I knew the road better? I got clipped by a women in a car turning left on the main road off to a side road as I was going straight ahead, which shook me up a bit but also reminded me that cycling on main roads can be dangerous and that you have to be very cautious.


I can’t wait for my cycle to Banna Beach for the day sometime soon.


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