My 5 Favorite Places I’ve Traveled Too

– Quebec –


 The streets in this predominantly french speaking city of ‘Old & New Quebec’ were the prettiest thing about the place. The architecture of the buildings were eye catching & beautiful. The streets were very clean, something I noticed was that there was no litter to be seen anywhere. There is a fabulous boardwalk with a spectacular view that I imagine you would walk down everyday if you lived there. There was something very calm & relaxed about my visit to Quebec in Canada.

 – Vila Moura – 


Vila Moura is in the center of the Algarve in Portugal. It is a tourist resort and is all situated around a stunning marina. It has a very peaceful atmosphere during the day yet there are many tourists wandering around. One can rent a bike to explore the rest of Portugal. At night time we headed in to try many of the restaurants situated on the marina which had very affordable yummy meals on offer. This place offers apartments, villa’s and luxury hotel (which we did sneak into to use their pools)

– New York City- o-NEW-YORK

 Ah New York. I have been here twice and it is the place that stole my heart. I fell in love with New York City the moment I saw the very impressive Skyline on my way in, crossing over one of it’s many large bridges. I love the how big the buildings are, how many there are, the diverse ethnicity’s, the fashion, the media industry, the food, the opportunities and so forth. I do believe I will live there for a while. It will be magical.

– London – download

 London Calling. There is a lot to see in London. The great thing about visiting London is that a lot of the tourist attractions can be reached on foot. So once you are there, a lot of the sight seeing is free. Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace. All the famous landmarks? Are close in walking distance, or a quick tube journey. I have been to London 4 times and will end up going again to visit Family.

– South Street Seaport – 


This place is just under the Brooklyn Bridge, which has been mentioned regarding NYC above, but I felt this location needed a mention all to itself. It was the place that I kept re-visiting in my last trip to New York. I’d get the train in & just wander about the seaport and the pretty stalls. There is a fantastic View of the Brooklyn bridge which goes over the Hudson/East River. There are outdoor movie screenings, live concerts, street performers. It is a bit of a tourist trap but if you walk a mile down the boardwalk you end up in a fabulous city park with a view of the statue of Liberty. My favorite find of wandering NYC by myself.



 References for Images : (Quebec ;,  vila moura ; New York ; London ; South Street Seaport ;×400.jpg)

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