I may have auditioned for X Factor.

I auditioned for X Factor 2015

Mah Stickah

I wanted to audition for The X Factor for years. I began watching it in 2005 & have done so since. Even if I didn’t want too?.. I still would as it is something that takes over the TV screens, newspapers, online sites.

Why? Well, I love to sing. I love to dance. I’d love to be a performer. My tattoo says “Dream Big” && that’s my dream.

The thing is, I have confidence in my abilities ; singing/dancing. Β I have lots of confidence, when I am in my room singing & dancing? Or in a pub/club dancing? I have so much confidence. With auditions? Brain goes*overthinking*. I need to get passed that ‘nerves’ section, which I know I can do, I just need someone to guide/push me, which is why I thought X Factor would be perfect for that.

I believe X Factor is a platform for people who don’t know where to begin in the industry, or don’t live anywhere near where they need to be to go for their dreams, and/or have financial issues to get them where they want to be.

I traveled 4 hours last Thursday to get to the Dublin auditions. I am so proud I tried. I know you cannot get anywhere without trying in life, so I had too! You can guess by now that NO! I didn’t get through to the next round, *sigh* but I did actually sing in front of two strangers (who were very friendly also). “All I want” by Kodaline was my song choice. A song I adore, it makes me think of my dad, & I like the way I sing it.

I guess I just was not something they were looking for, I didn’t have that super bass && that is OK. We can’t all be liked by everyone, if so? Jeez, Fair Play.

Any regrets? YES! I regret not asking for criticism, so that I can improve.

(below is a video I don’t think many have seen, but is hilarious and makes my face go as red as a rose. I didn’t think the editors of Connected would ever ever, ever use this for anything. It’s good to laugh at yourself being you, me singing/bopping/doing strange movements along to Rihanna’s ‘Jump’)




4 thoughts on “I may have auditioned for X Factor.

  1. I also, may have auctioned for X Factor. Nerves are always there and they are our friend because adrenaline passion drive desire fight energy – all the fun stuff. So we just find how to work with them, check how they manifest (for me its tight chest and throat, over-gesticulation and looking like I want to hunt and kill the audience). so its remembering the opposite of those things in the mo (shoulders down breathe from the gut stop scaring everyone). But mostly always always always always is the smile and the enjoyment. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO LUCKY US. Love ya girl, we’ll keep at it, dance on sing on Connected for LIFE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I can imagine that looking like you want to kill the audience alright πŸ˜› You do a good job at calming your nerves ive seen from clips on the show you are a great performer! πŸ™‚
      I think if you do smile through auditions it does look better and more confident that looking like you have obviously made a mistake.
      He he indeeedy connected for life πŸ™‚

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