Coincidence? or just…Life?

I downloaded my Twitter archive to look over memories, as my memory has not been great recently.

I went through the tweets from the time my dad passed from Suicide. For a few months before hand I was suffering from depression, anorexia and was not doing so well myself by the looks of things (my tweets).

This here was the last tweet I sent the night before he died :


The Chorus to this lovely song is :  Don’t Go. Don’t Leave. Please Stay, With Me. You are the only thing I need to get by, to get by. 

Reading over this, I think… A lot.

Did I know this was going to happen? Did I unknowingly for see it happening that very next day?

Or is it just a coincidence?

A horrible unfortunate coincidence.

I don’t know. I’ll never know. It is the worst thing to happen to my life, even though it was his life that was lost.

It scares me, it worries me, it makes me think.

It makes me feel like the earth gives us signs, but sometimes we miss them.




“Don’t go leave me now, Don’t go leave me,

Stay right here ’til my dark days into light years, imma shine,

Losing you is one of my fears,

But I ain’t selfish, I’ll share if I have to”

(lyrics from the song mentioned below)



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