My 5 Favorite Songs “April 2015”

My 5 favorite songs of the moment “April 2015” and why. What are yours? Let me know!

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth 

The hip hop artist teamed up with an American singer who gained a following through Youtube.

The song is featured at the end of “Furious 7” the movie, as a tribute to the late Paul Walker.

I like this song as it is mellow and warm, the lyrics are heart felt words. I like the meaning behind the song, that if you have lost someone, you will tell them your news when you see them again. As sad as the song may seem? I believe it is a positive song, with a positive message, that we will meet the ones we have lost again someday.


 James Bay – Hold Back The River

James Bay is an Indie Pop – Soul singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice. When I hear him sing I hear something really natural. 

The song is his second single from his debut album. The tune is rhythmic && the  lyrics seem as if he is heartbroken, with a sense of longing. I think it’s about a person he was once with, but didn’t give as much attention as he now wishes he did,. “Tried to keep you close to me, but life got in between, tried to square not being there , but think that I should have been”


Robyn Schulz – Sun Goes Down feat. Jasmine Thompson

This song is by dance DJ/Producer Robyn Schulz and he is accompanied by Jasmine Thompson, a 14 year old singer, who, like Charlie Puth above, has also become well know from her YouTube channel. 

This is the perfect example of a good Summery song to me. It is a soothing & relaxing song to listen to while driving to the beach, going for a walk, cycle, basically a good song to listen to when it is sunny to make you feel a bit more positive.

I feel really at peace when I listen to this song, it is a slightly romantic song, there are not too many diverse lyrics, but the melody of the song itself takes you away.


Olly Murs – Seasons

Olly Murs is one of my favorite pop artists. This song is a modern day pop song and is his 3rd single from his 4th album. The song is about him trying to win back a lady after he has made some mistakes, promising her that he will be with her through every season hence the title “Seasons”.

It is a great easy listening pop song to sing along with , and it is trying to show that everyone makes mistakes and you can grant forgiveness if you wish, you have the power. 

The video is about a man trying to win back his girlfriend as she caught him in bed with another lady. She rejects him first, watch the video to find out what happens. Very well made video that seems like it is all done in one take going through all the Seasons.


James Bay – Let It Go

James Bay has made the list twice this month! For good reason too, his music captures me and makes me feel.

This is a strong heartbreak song. The lyrics are very expressive and you understand exactly what he is singing about in this song. He was in a relationship where they attempted to make it work, but it just wasn’t working, so they decided to ‘let it go’ and go their own separate ways for themselves. “So come on let it go, just let it be, why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me”

The riff on the electric guitar is one of the few instruments which lets the song have a simple & beautiful melody to it.


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