A Fun Game To Play With Friends

“Cards Against Humanity”

‘Party Game For Horrible People’

I played this card game a few nights ago with some friends and it was great fun.

The rules of the game are easy to follow. There is a pile of white cards, & a pile of black cards. Each round, one person (the winner of the previous round) asks a question from a black card, then everyone else chooses their funniest answer from their white cards. The person holding the black card, chooses the winner by choosing one they find the most funny. Then that winner, pulls a black card in the next round.

Most of the sentences are hilariously inappropriate . .  but since its all just a game? That’s what makes it fun.! 

You can purchase a deck off the website or you can download a PDF and create all your own phrases, which if you will be playing with friends? Would result in a hilarious outcome, as peoples names, hobbies, secrets, may be included in the random sentences.


Website for “Cards Against Humanity”


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